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2010 NYC Marathon Results: Robin Quivers Beat Al Roker!

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 6:53 PM EST

robin quivers marathonHowerd Stern host, Robin Quivers beat Al Roker in the 2010 NYC Marathon by an hour.

The NYC Marathon was run over the weekend and had its fair share of celebrities in the race. Perhaps the most notable NYC Marathon contestant was Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers. Quivers has been talking on air about running the marathon for a few months now. She has covered her training and workout on the air and it seems like it all paid off as she finished the race this weekend in 6:09. The Ing Marathon (AKA NYC Marathon) is a huge event with tens of thousands of contestants. This morning on the radio show as Howard told Robin that she beat Al Roker‘s time in the race, Stern show producer Gary Dell’abate quickly got online and checked the NYC Marathon results 2010 and found that Robin had finished in about 42,500th place. She was roughly four hours behind the winner but did finish in front of nearly 3,000 other contestants.

Robin Quivers has undergone a major life change in the last three years. She says that three years ago she could hardly walk two blocks without getting winded. She dedicated herself to a strict vegan diet and began exercising and running. She has lost 80 pounds and now at 58 years old she says she is in the best shape of her life. She must not be lying because based on how she has talked about her training for the NYC Marathon it has not been an easy past few months and a person would need to not only be great shape, but also mentally tough to run and finish the race. Robin told Howard this morning that the last half of the race was very difficult, but that she learned a lot from it and will use that knowledge when she trains for the next one.

The NYC Marathon results had plenty of famous names among them. Along with Quivers and the above mentioned Al Roker, actor Anthony Edwards, talk show host Meredith Vieira, former Survivor winner and cancer survivor Ethan Zohn and one of the Chilean trapped miners Edison Pena were among the notable runners. Pena stayed in shape during the two months he was trapped in the coal mine by running up to six miles per day in the mine shaft. His fellow miners called him The Runner.

This morning when Gary Dell’abate read the NYC Marathon results and Robin Quivers found out where she finished, she said she was just happy she didn’t come in last. Stern pointed out that she beat Roker by about an hour and that he had his money on Roker. The crew laughed when he told Robin that her fast running “cost him a fortune.”



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