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“Dancing With The Stars” Final Five: It’s A Woman’s Dance Floor!

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 6:57 PM EST

dancing with the stars final fiveIt’s down to the final five on Dancing With The Stars and the women are dominating the dance floor.

We are down to just three women on Dancing With the Stars and they couldn’t be more different. We have had three weeks in a row now of shocking departures which to me signals that this is now down to being a popularity contest, not really a dance contest. You need look no further than the fact that Bristol Palin is still on the show see that I’m probably correct about that. The only other explanation is that there is a conspiracy with the producers keeping her on the show to help them get more ratings.

Brandy has emerged the last few weeks as the dancer to beat. She hit some rough times earlier in the season when she and her partner Maksim were butting heads and having some serious communication problems, but they seem to have it worked out and are now firing on all cylinders. She has said that she badly wants to win the show so I think she will be putting her all into it. She can see the finish line and will push hard. I look for her to come out again this week and have another great dance.

I was starting to think that maybe Jennifer Grey had peaked too soon. Early on in this season of DWTS she owned the top of the leader board and looked like she was not going to give it up. Then she had a couple of bad weeks and things were not going her way. She was sore, tired and frustrated. As she says, she is 50 years old and has never done anything this hard in her life. But like the phoenix rising from the ashes she was back in fine form last week and was right back among the scoring leaders. I think there are a lot of people rooting for her. She is clearly struggling with injuries, but she is gutting it up. People seem to like her and I think there are many viewers who connect with her from her roles in the 80s and 90’s. I think this week she will come out and give another great dance, reasserting herself as the odds on favorite and letting everyone know she is not done fighting. Unless she completely falls apart I look for her to be one of the final dancers left.

And then there is the Dancing With The Stars enigma that is Bristol Palin. I admit, I have no idea how she is still on the show. I also admit that the last two weeks she has been better than she had been before, but her good is nowhere near the level of the best dancers. She has more lives than an alley cat and every week somehow manages to move on no matter how badly she does. She clearly has a big fan base and they are passionate about voting for her. I can’t decide if she just has a good fan base that is mixed with people who like her and that want to see the underdog do well or if there is some kind of vote for the worst campaign going on. Maybe there are both. Maybe the producers of the show just like having her around so they fudge the numbers to keep her. We will never know for sure. As for her dancing this week, I think it depends on what kind of dance she has to do. If it is a slower dance I think she will do a decent job. She seems to have the more ballroom style stuff down to a level where she at least looks in synch with her partner. If it is a fast dance I look for her to miss steps and lose her timing as per normal.

If there is logic involved you would say that Bristol Palin is the odds on favorite to be eliminated this week, but the last two weeks the person who the judges scored very highly and told that they had done their best dance of the season were voted off. This means that clearly there is no logic to the Dancing With the Stars voting/scoring system so who know what will happen. Still, I would say that of the women left on the show Bristol is the one who I feel is in the biggest danger of going home this week.

Tune in tonight when the live performance show of DWTS airs at 8|7c on ABC.



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