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“DWTS” Men: Will Kyle Massey and Kurt Warner Survive Week 8?

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 2:58 PM EST

dwts menWill the two remaining men, Kyle Massey and Kurt Warner, survive DWTS this week?

After Rick Fox shockingly being voted off Dancing With The Stars last week the writing is now on the wall. It doesn’t seem to matter any longer how well you dance, it is all about how well you connect with the audience and convince them to vote for you.

There are now only two guys left in the 2010 DWTS competition. Let’s take a look at them and see what they need to do this week to survive.

Kyle Massey has had the odds on long shot since the beginning of the show. He wasn’t very well known to anyone who doesn’t have kids who watch a lot of the Disney channel and he is youngest member of the cast so there were questions about how well he would connect with the audience. Clearly, his high energy dances and bubbly, fun personality have won the crowd over. More than once his judge’s scores have put him in the lower end of the scoring, yet he seems to survive every week. People obviously like him and it seems like he is starting to focus on getting more of the technical aspects of the dances down. If he can get higher judges scores and match that with what seems to be a decent size fan base he could be a real threat.

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Kurt Warner has been up and down all season long. He will have a very good dance then he will have a not so good dance. Last week he really bounced back and did well. Football players have always done well on this show because of the huge built in fan base they have when they arrive. When you are like Kurt Warner and you have a Super Bowl title, a couple of league MVP’s and you a genuinely a good guy, you are going to be all that much more popular. I also think people like how devoted to his wife and family he is. I still feel on popularity alone Kurt could last a couple more weeks on DWTS, especially if he can keep scoring well with the judges.

As we get down to just a few dancers left on Dancing With the Stars any little thing you do could cost you votes. Rick Fox was the odds makers’ favorite among the men and last week he had his best dance of the season, yet he was voted out. I honestly believe that it was his dance with his girlfriend that did him in last week. During his rehearsals his girlfriend Eliza Dushku showed up and they showed Rick’s partner Cheryl how he practices at home. Eliza is tiny, maybe 5′ 5” tall and a 100 lbs. Rick Fox lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her around the floor. It looked like they were having fun, but I could also see how people could see that and think it looked like he was dancing with a little kid. I have a feeling some people thought it was kind of creepy and even though she is 29 years old they thought it was inappropriate and strange. All it takes is doing something that turns off a small segment of the voters and that could be enough to do you in.

I think Kyle Massey and Kurt Warner will both dance pretty well this week and I think that Kurt’s popularity will help keep him safe, but Kyle could be in danger.



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