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Spider-Man: Reboot Villain Will Be Rhys Ifans As The Lizard!

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 2:18 PM EST

spider man 4 villainThe upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise will have Rhys Ifans playing the villainous role of The Lizard.

While the new Marc Webb directed Spider-Man reboot is not due in theaters until July 2012, news of the movie has been coming fast and furious over the past few weeks. This week they made a few more announcements that helped to further flesh out the cast and give us a few sneak peeks into some of the plot lines (the villain!).

We already know the Andrew Garfield, who was most recently seen in “The Social Network” will play Spider-Man/Peter Parker. The gorgeous Emma Stone has also signed on to play Gwen Stacy. We also knew that the movie would be in 3-D.

The recent news brings all kinds of interesting tid-bits.  Rhys Ifans had signed on a few weeks ago to play the villain who would be battling our friendly neighborhood wall crawler, but not until recently did we learn that villain will be The Lizard.  Rhys Ifans will portray Dr. Curt Connors, a scientist who ingests some experimental reptile serum. It makes him a little crazy and turns him into a half man/half reptile.

Martin Sheen is the newest cast member to join. He will portray Uncle Ben and rumor has it that a deal is all but signed to have Sally Field play Aunt May.  Those two should be perfect in their roles. Part of what has made the Spider-Man series successful is that they take it seriously. They cast good actors and write them good roles. Sure, it is fun, action packed and at time campy, but they don’t treat it as schlock, they treat as a real, legit story and that is why it works. That is why the comic books work and translating that sense and style of storytelling to the movies is why they work. The Spider-Man movies of the past (those from the 70’s and 80’s) had always been cheesy and seemed to think they were bad and a guilty pleasure. The new ones are better because they don’t wink at the audience, they invite the audience to come into their world and be immersed in it instead of sitting back and snickering or thinking that it is dumb or implausible. Adding quality actors is a very good sign that this new reboot will follow along nicely in the footsteps of the previous three movies.

The last little bit of news we have is that there has been some clarification about Emma Stone‘s role. At first it was thought she would play Mary Jane. Then it was announced that she would play Gwen Stacy who would be competing with Mary Jane for Spidey’s affections. Now we find out that there will not even be a Mary Jane in the movie. I’m not sure how they plan to manipulate the story to make that happen, but it looks like Gwen will be the primary love interest.

The cast is great, the director seems to have a vision and the blueprint for a great movie is in place if they just follow it. I for one can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

We will work hard to keep you informed as more Spider-Man news comes out.



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