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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Bowling Clowns Of Russia

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 1:07 PM EST

amazing race 17 recapThe Amazing Race 17 returned last night as the contestants were told to clown around in a Russian circus challenge.

On last week’s Russian leg of The Amazing Race 17, Nick and Vicki were told that they were the last at the pit stop but that it was a non-elimination leg so they were still safe. This week Jill and Thomas, who finished first last week, find themselves the first to race to the Russian circus.

Phil Keoghan fills us in that all of the teams of The Amazing Race will remain in Russia and will be doing a little bit of clowning around for this leg of the race. As the race starts, Jill and Thomas get to the circus first but find out that it is closed, allowing all of the other teams to catch up.

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 17

The detour for last night’s episode had teams choosing either “Circus Band” or “Circus Clown.” In the band challenge, the contestants must learn how to play a song on an accordion. If they choose to do the clown challenge, teams must learn how to spin plates on in wooden rods and get 10 of them going simultaneously for 10 seconds. Brook and Claire managed to be the 1st ones done as they chose to do the Clown challenge.

Once the teams completed last night’s Amazing Race detour, they must head to a bridge with four winged figures guarding it. Once there, the teams must travel by “FOOT” to the next clue. (this is where things get interesting.) After they get to the next clue box, the teams must figure out that they are to head to the Church on Spilled Blood.  A lot of the teams screw up here when they don’t realize that they must also WALK to the church.

Upon arrival at the church, the teams must make their way to the road block of last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17. Teams will head to the Peter and Paul Fortress to partake in a bit of Russian bowling. Now that I have summed up last night’s episode, let’s take a look at how the teams did on the tasks:

  • Nat and Kat – Once again, the doctors blew through this leg of the race and took home 1st place. With their first place win, they also won $5,000 each as a bonus.
  • Brook and Claire – The two hotties from TV are the first to complete last night’s detour when they chose to do the “Circus Clown” challenge. Upon heading to the final road block, they realize that they screwed up and broke the rules. When they headed to the Church on Spilled Blood, they took a taxi instead of walking. Brook quickly tells the cab driver to turn around so that they can fix their mistake. Once they did the task correctly, the girls make it to the Gorodki road block. Brook blows through the challenge, while entertaining the locals with a little American dancing. Brook and Claire reach Phil Keoghan and finish in 2nd place.
  • Nick and Vicki – Nick and Vicki, despite bickering and lying to other contestants, manage to sneak in to the pit stop in 3rd place.
  • Mallory and Gary – Old man Gary was quite impressive at the road block last night. He blew through the three sets of Gorodki pins. The father and daughter team reached the pit stop of last night’s Amazing Race 17 episode in 4th place.
  • Jill and Thomas – At the end of the episode last night, Jill and Thomas were neck and neck with Michael and Kevin and Chad and Stephanie.  However, they managed to get to the pit stop in 5th place. Even though, it would not have mattered because both of the other two teams had penalties. So either way, Jill and Thomas would have taken home 5th place.
  • Chad and Stephanie – This couple struggled with the first challenge at the Russian circus. After switching from the plates, to the accordions and then back to the plates, the two finally completed it. However, once they reached Phil, they were told that they broke one rule of the race by taking a cab to the church. Even with their 30 minute penalty, they managed to squeak in a 6th place finish.
  • Michael and Kevin – While they struggled with the “Circus Clown” challenge, Michael and Kevin managed to make up time and get to the road block in 2nd place. However, things went downhill from there as Michael was not too hot at Gorodki. After finally completing the road block, the father and son team reach the pit stop in 6th place. Phil Keoghan tells them that they broke 2 rules and must wait 30 minutes for each, totalling one hour. With this penalty, the father and son team are eliminated from The Amazing Race 17.



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  1. How come Nick and Vicki didn’t have to do a speed bump, seeing as they were saved from the elimination last week? I don’t really like that they came in 3rd place last night, without having to do an additional challenge! Kind of unfair to the other teams! Especially Michael and Kevin the team that got eliminated this week!

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing, usually when you come in last place and are not eliminated you have to do the speed bump. Maybe Nick and Vicki’s tats intimidated Phil and he just said screw it. Not really sure.

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