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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Hello Mr. Suit and Tie Guy

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 9:01 AM EST

dexter season 5 recapDexter Season 5 returned last night with Circle US and here is a recap of what went down.

The new episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “Circle Me” starts with Lumen (Julia Stiles) now living in the house Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Rita (Julie Benz) shared. It has now been a month since he saved her and she is helping him find the guys that savaged her. She describes two guys in general. One she calls “The Watch Guy” because she could always hear his watching ticking and he would always tell her that her time was running out and one she called “The Suit and Tie Guy”. She can identify him because he always took her blindfold off so she has seen him – he clearly thought she would never live. He would always take his suit jacket off and fold it up as if he didn’t want it to get dirty.

As she talks we meet “The Suit and Tie Guy” as he arrives at Boyd’s (Shawn Hatosy) dumping ground. He has a few migrant workers who he pays to get the barrels with the bodies out of the swamp and load them into his truck.

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As this is happening Dexter and Lumen are arguing because she wants to be involved with the kills when they find these guys and Dex doesn’t think it would be a good idea.

As “Suit and Tie Guy” drives with five barrels now in the back of his truck he gets broadsided by a drunk driver.

Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is at Quinn’s (Desmond Harrington) when she gets the call to go to the scene. Dexter arrives at the scene shortly after and sees that all five barrels came open and there are five of Boyd’s victims now laying in the middle of the street. As they work the scene Lumen shows up and Dexter tells her to leave. As he is doing this Quinn gets a call from the cop he hired to check up on Dexter telling that a girl is staying at Dexter’s house and that he has taken it off the market. The driver “Suit and Tie Guy” is nowhere to be seen, but they find that the truck is registered to a guy named Jordan Chase who is a famous motivational speaker that Boyd was always listening to.  As he works the scene Dexter realizes he is going to have to hurry and find out who these guys are before the police do.

Back at the office Laguerta (Lauren Velez) tells Quinn, Deb and Batista (David Zayas) that their informant has guaranteed that the Fuentes brothers will be at their favorite club tonight. They will stake it out and take them down. The chief  is not too happy and tells them if they mess this up there will be hell to pay.

Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) and his head of security Cole (the Suit and Tie Guy) (Chris Vance)  show up the police station. They tell the detectives that Chase was out of town and that someone stole the truck. Chase tells them he is fine with having everyone on his staff give DNA and hair samples to the detectives.

Back at Dexter’s house Dexter shows Lumen the picture of Cole and she starts to shake as she identifies him as the “Suit Guy”. He tries to convince her that since the police are now involved with will catch this guy and all his friends and they will all wind up in jail. She doesn’t want that, she wants to handle it so Dexter tells her that they will need a plan to divert the police’s attention away from Cole. They decide to point them to Boyd instead. They sneak into Boyd’s house and Lumen starts to relive the attack. She is able to hold it together long enough to help Dex clean the place up and hopefully remove any evidence that she was ever there. Dexter grabs Boyd’s wallet and  slips it into the truck that the bodies were in.  Masuka (C.S. Lee) finds the wallet and the police hit Boyd’s house and find all kinds of great evidence. He is now their number one suspect.

After searching Boyd’s place Batista questions Cole and Jordan Chase about Boyd. Chase says he doesn’t know him, but Cole says he does that he was one of Chase’s stalkers and he used to come around looking for Chase. He says he always thought Boyd was harmless but that he had been in their building enough that he would know where the keys to the vehicles hang so he must have gotten in and stolen the truck. When they leave and are alone in the car Chase turns to Cole and thanks him for coming up with the plan to divert the cop’s attention away from them and onto Boyd. Cole shrugs and says it wasn’t him.

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That night at the club stake out their witness is to approach the Fuentes brothers and make contact with them . Once she does this the police will rush them and take them down. She is supposed to meet them outside, but when she gets there she sees they are already there in the VIP room. One of them, Carlos Fuentes ( Joseph Julian Soria) who Debra faced off with in the apartment sees Officer Manzon (April L. Hernandez), who is looking hot in her undercover short dress, likes how she looks and motions for her to join them in the VIP. Debra tells her to ignore them, but Laguerta overrides her and tells Manzon to go up there. She sits down with him and as he slides hand up her dress he feels her gun. All hell breaks loose as the Fuentes brothers open fire. They kill the informant and haul ass. Debra comes face to face with Carlos again and again he has a hostage. This time she doesn’t give him a chance to kill the hostage and takes him out with a head shot.

Across town Dexter and Lumen are staking out Cole’s house. Dexter tells her to stay in the car. He sneaks in and is looking at a group photo on a shelf when Cole comes out of nowhere and gets the drop on him. Lumen comes rushing in and saves Dexter and they haul ass. When they are safe they look at the picture and realize that it is Cole, Boyd, the dentist they already killed a couple of other guys when they were younger. They must have known each other a long time and now hunt women together.

At the station Batista tried to comfort Laguerta who knows that a shit storm is going to fall on them for what happened at the club. He tells her that sometimes people make mistakes (clearly referring to her telling Manzon to go upstairs where the Fuentes brothers were, but she glares at him and tells him if any mistakes were made that night they were not made by her.

As Dexter Season 5 Episode 7 comes to a close, Dexter gets home that night he starts to realize that sometimes in life you don’t pick your partners, they pick you. The next day he takes Harrison to the house and Lumen lights up when she sees him. Dexter seems to have finally agreed to fully let her into his life.



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