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Kendra Season 3 on E! Will Be Drama Filled

Posted by on November 7, 2010 at 8:47 PM EST

kendra-on-eKendra Season 3 on E! should prove to be very drama intense, with Kendra and Hank Baskett fighting over living situation.

Sunday will feature plenty of good match ups in the NFL and it will also feature Hank Vs Kendra round 3, aka Kendra Season 3. While they aren’t competing at the same exact time, it is interesting that Kendra’s reality show will start its new season on Sunday while Hank is in Minnesota facing off against the Cardinals.

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I say it is round three because the drama behind Kendra’s show has almost overshadowed the actual show. It all started a few months ago in Philadelphia where Hank was still a member of the Eagles. Kendra had assumed that he would be playing another season there and she was ready to live there with him and shoot her show from Philly. Two weeks into the season the Minnesota Vikings, decimated by injuries and desperate for wide receiver help, made a trade with the Eagles to get Hank. Hank was now off to his fourth team in five years and Kendra was stuck in Philly. The family decided that it would be best for Kendra and the baby to go back to Los Angeles where they had friends and family. Kendra moved back to LA and the producers of her show went to work getting ready to shoot this new season there. The producers of her show had things set up and they were ready to go when Kendra decided she wanted to move to Minnesota to be with Hank. That would mean the producers would have to really bust their asses in order to get their crew and gear to Minnesota as well as get the proper permits and clearances to shoot there. And they had to get this all together in time to get enough stuff shot that they could meet their air deadlines for the show.

After a short hectic time they got it all together and kept the show on schedule. Kendra moved to Minnesota, the show came with her and Hank was playing. There was one problem. Kendra hated living there. Reports trickled in that she and Hank were fighting. She didn’t like living there and she was angry with him for moving around so much. He was angry because he felt he made it clear that moving around was often part of the deal with an NFL player. She wanted to go back to LA and he wanted her to stay. In the end she packed up and took her son and the show back to LA.

That brings us to this Sunday. Kendra’s show premiers and Hank plays against the Cardinals. So far, for a team that claimed to desperately need wide receiver help, Hank has seen very little action. He has played in five games and only has one catch for a total of 18 yards. With the departure of Randy Moss this week and Percy Harvin likely not to play (or to play only sparingly) due to injury, Hank may finally get some real playing time and get a chance to make a few plays for the team. Meanwhile, Kendra’s new season starts with an episode called “Welcome to Philadelphia” that finds them still living in Philly and planing to spend the football season there. Kendra has decided that she wants to pose for Playboy again so she hires a crew and has them come to the house so that she can do some sexy test shots. In the middle of the shoot Hank comes home and he doesn’t seem to happy. Let the drama begin.

It will be interesting to see how much of the moving around drama and the relationship drama between Hank and Kendra is caught on camera this season. Her show could get very real and very interesting very quickly if they kept the camera rolling during all the family drama.

Look for Kendra Season 3 on E! at 10pm est/7pm pacific.



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