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Miley Cyrus Drinking a Beer? Goodbye Hannah Montana Hello Britney Spears

Posted by on November 6, 2010 at 7:31 PM EST

miley-cyrus-drinking-a-beerHas Miley Cyrus grown out of her Hannah Montana phase and into her Britney Spears phase? Drinking beer in a night club may be the first sign.

It seems like few celebrities in the world today spark up the debates like Miley Cyrus does. Her every move seems to be criticized and deconstructed as if looking for a greater meaning. Her detractors say she is moving too fast and she is on her way to being the next Britney Spears because she will crash and burn and fall apart in the public eye. Her supporters will say that she is just doing what most girls her age do, the difference is that most girls are not followed around by a gaggle of paparazzi every day.

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Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum there is no question that either A. Miley Cyrus is trying desperately to shed her innocent Hannah Montana image and show the world she is grown up or B. She has been this way for a while and it is just now starting to come out.

A few recent things with her might shine some light on this. She is in a music video for a group called Rock Mafia who’s members include music producers Miley has worked with in the past. The song is called “The Big Bang” and the video features Miley as a mystery woman that a guy follows around. He sees her drive then get sideswiped in a horrible accident. When he runs to the car she is gone. He turns and sees her running away and starts chasing her. The whole video is made of up the two in various romantic situations. In one scene she is riding in his car and slides her hand up the inside of his leg. Another scene sees them at the beach walking hand in hand. She is wearing a see-thru dress and you can see her bikini underneath. There is a lot of flirting as the guy in the video (played by 26 year old actor Kevin Zegers) pursues her. At one point she is in thigh high boots and a very short, skin tight black dress. Eventually, he catches her and they share a very passionate kiss. This is clearly a big step up for her. She had on screen kisses in her last movie, but this role shows her as the vixen, as the girl in charge and as the sexy siren pulling this guy along.

Another recent piece of news showed Miley hanging out in Spain where she is set to perform on the MTV Europe Music Video Awards. She was spotted at a famous dance club called Kapital hanging out, dancing and drinking a Corona beer. She didn’t appear drunk, but was having a good time. The legal drinking age in Spain is 18. Miley is still a few weeks away from that, but the Spanish authorities are well known to not vigorously enforce the age law. So is Miley just having fun or is this drinking another sign of her speeding up her life too fast?

Her most recent song “Who Owns My Heart” that had some racy lyrics and a video that found Miley rolling around on her bed in her underwear then dancing and grinding on other girls in a barely there top as she sings about having encounters in the dark and wondering what they mean.

To me she seems like she might just be doing what a lot of girls do. She is growing up and expressing herself and having fun. The problem could be that everything in Hollywood is accelerated. At age 17 (nearly 18) she has already lived a life that 99% of the population could never hope to duplicate. There is an enormous pressure to hold on to your success once you have it. I have this feeling that she might be feeling that pressure, yet at the same time she wants to do her own thing and be like Madonna or Britney. She wants to show the world she can be sexy, but still be talented and taken seriously. The question is: Will she be able to handle the speed that this all comes at her? With each boundary she pushes there will be pressure to push the next one and then the next one and so on. Before you know it you have pushed too far. Once you go past that line, it is very hard to go back. Hopefully, she is saving her money just in case Miley is on that speed course to pushing boundaries and ends up driving herself off the cliff and killing her career. Either way it seems to me like Miley likes the attention so no matter what happens with her, we will most likely see it all go down.



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  2. I think I can offer some information on why our Miley suddenly flipped personalities from wholesome Hannah to SuperTramp over the last ten, fifteen months.

    A little information about moi first …, I am the alter-ego companion of Kurt Hanson. A member of Kurt’s ‘me,’ ‘myself,’ and ‘I’ crowd, if you will. As his pen name, I am the author of Kurt’s novel, My Quest For Computer Cognition.

    Years ago, Kurt made a most fascinating discovery. A mathematically based train of thought that when travelled leads one to the realization for the necessity of the existence of a Creator God. Redonkulous? No, I’m as serious as cancer. There now exists upon the earth a tome that when read by anyone with at least a tenth grade education brings them to the startling if not unbelievable conclusion that the cause for all biological life on earth or anywhere in the universe, if this is so, the cause is from the motives of a creative entity. A creative entity commonly referred to in the West as the Creator God. True story. Believe it. Kurt done did it …!

    Kurt wrote a tome, A Treatise on the Nature of Life, expounding in detail this train of thought and discovery. This tome is likened to several hard swift kicks to the testicals and several wind-knocked-outta-‘ya punches o’ the stomach and da stinging slaps to the heads upon today’s archaic religous communities. What no student from a Western Christian or Jewish or from a silly Islamist university was expected to have accomplished, my companion Kurt he done did accomplish. And now humiliated these religous oriented types, these authorities proclaiming mighty and loud to others what God is all about, … and with the assistance of their devoted minions they seek to suppress any public displays of Kurt’s tome.

    Long story short: the movers and shakers within the Miley Cyrus team got wind of Kurt’s tome and novel soon after the Hannah Montana television episodes first aired. Where his novel ends another chapter with Hannah could possibly begin. Hannah and Miley are perfect prelude characters … though Kurt is a fifty-three year old male, single, never married and rarely interested in a relationship so after two years of Hannah Montana …, Kurt hadn’t watched a single HM episode! During the summer of 2009 the Miley Cyrus team boldly thought to trash the wholesome Hannah image and instead to portray her as …? jailbait. Mission accomplished! Since the autumn months of 2009 Kurt has been thinking and writing the situational scenes and plots for a future television sitcom, tentatively entitled, Miley Dreams. Visit his YouTube channel for more info.


    Probably best if this information was not splashed over the entire web though I want to set the record straight.

    Miley “Maiden America” Cyrus is an absolute, total Sweetheart …!

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