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Celebrity Photo Friday: Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Kat Dennings Nude Pics!

Posted by on November 5, 2010 at 6:56 PM EST

kat dennings nudeJessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Kat Dennings have all made our Friday amazing with nude photos!

Wow! Talk about an amazing Friday for boob lovers everywhere. Today we were graced with nude photos from Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Kat Dennings.  I already reported earlier on the Jessica Alba topless photos that surfaced and figure I might as well finish out the Friday topless trifecta.

First let’s get to the Jessica Alba topless pictures. It is indeed a treat when we can see the Machete star in all of her naked glory. As I reported earlier, the Alba pictures are from a couple of years ago when she was pregnant. Pregnant or not, she looks amazing and we thank her for taking those pictures so that one day (TODAY!) they could be leaked onto the internet.

Next on the list is 40 Year Old Virgin star, Kat Dennings. Now these topless photos were allegedly texted (err… sexted?) and then leaked onto the internet. From the looks of them over at Egotastic, the Kat Dennings nude photos are by far my favorite ones of the day. Let’s just say that the actress has some rather large breasts and we get to see them in their entirety. (Thank You! Technology)

Last but not least are the least scandalous topless pictures of the day. These lovely nude photos belong to the one and only Kirsten Dunst. You may know her as Mary Jane from the hit Spider-Man trilogy or as the quirky cheerleader from Bring It On. While these photos are not leaked per say, they are equally as awesome. Egotastic has posted screen caps and video of Kirsten Dunst topless in the film All Good Things.

Well that wraps up our Celebrity Nude Photo Friday. I guess I should give you all the links so that you can check out the nude pictures of these three ladies for yourself. Enjoy the following links brought to you by Egotastic:

Kirsten Dunst Topless In All Good Things

Leaked Jessica Alba Nude Photos

Amazing Topless Pictures Of Kat Dennings

Enjoy the weekend everyone, I hope you all enjoy the pictures that were so graciously leaked onto the internet today.



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