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Ryan Seacrest Is Angry At Jennifer Lopez and American Idol

Posted by on November 5, 2010 at 5:00 PM EST

ryan seacrest jennifer lopezRyan Seacrest is pretty annoyed with Jennifer Lopez and her contract with American Idol.

The new season of American Idol hasn’t even started to air yet and there is already plenty of drama. When they signed Jennifer Lopez they had to know they were going to get some drama. She is known to be a pain in the ass and the reports of her negotiations over her contract are that it was very contentious. Now that Jennifer Lopez is officially a judge on American Idol and they have begun the audition process there have been a few more stories leaked that are not casting her in a very good light.

The first is about her contract and the rift it is causing between her and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. Lopez’s contract on the show is rumored to pay her in the neighborhood of $12 million per year which is a little less than the $15 million per year that Seacrest is getting. Where the trouble comes in is that Lopez negotiated so that if and when Seacrest gets a pay raise, she automatically gets one as well. There is no word on if her raise would be the same amount as his, but if he gets a pay bump, by contract so does Jennifer Lopez.

And this has Ryan Seacrest very angry. He appears to not be the biggest fan of Jennifer Lopez, but sources close to him say that he is livid that somehow his salary is being linked to her contract. He clearly feels that they should both get raises based on merit, not based on a clause that says they get a raise if someone else does.

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The second news story to come out of this is that Lopez is telling those trying out and would-be contestants to not sing her songs. She is telling them that singing her songs will not flatter her or impress her and it will not help them be selected to go through to the next round. She says it isn’t about being mean, but that they are just trying to help the kids get better and move on.

It sounds to me like someone (Jennifer Lopez) might be afraid that a contestant could do a better version of her song than she could.  Paula Abdul always humored those who sang her songs and played along with them. It was as if she understood that while there were certainly some people who were singing those songs because they thought doing so might curry favor with her, clearly a lot of other people were either paying homage or just showing that they were fans. It is a compliment, not a bribe.

It should be interesting to see how Lopez and fellow new judge Steven Tyler do when the new season of American Idol begins airing in January. Right now is the easy part. Separating the good from that terrible is simple, it will get a lot harder once they get those people to Hollywood and have to start pairing them down. Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell always seemed to have a friendly rivalry; it will be interesting to see how it all plays out between him and Lopez when the new season of American Idol begins.



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