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Bristol Palin: DWTS Contestant Forgot To Vote!

Posted by on November 5, 2010 at 4:21 PM EST

bristol palin voteDWTS contestant Bristol Palin forgot to vote in this week’s election.

Well, it looks like Dancing With The Star‘s favorite mascot is at it again. Somehow Bristol Palin continues to defy the odds and survive week after week on the show without getting eliminated. As if her actual survival on the show wasn’t controversial enough, somehow she – just like her mother (Sarah Palin) – has been a magnet for controversy and once again that controversy has found her.

This week Bristol Palin sat down with Ellen DeGeneres (along with her dance partner Mark Ballas) and told her that she had accidentally forgotten to vote earlier this week. Since she is a resident of Alaska she got an absentee ballot, but forgot to fill it out and send it in. I would imagine her mom isn’t very happy and I can’t wait to hear how her mom spins it into a positive when asked about this. You know her mom spins everything in a positive manner. This is the woman who quit her job, but made it out that she was actually going to be able to do more for the people of Alaska when she wasn’t governor than when she was.

Bristol Palin also told Ellen that she is happy her ex-fiancée Levi Johnston, who is the father of her 22 month old son Tripp, had aspirations of being mayor of her home town of Wassila, Alaska because it would force him to go back to school and at least get his GED.  Of his running she said, “It is a very important position and I don’t think he knows what he is getting himself into.” Mayor of Wassila is the position her mom held before running for governor. Bristol also noted that in addition to getting his GED Levi would have to move inside the city limits if he wanted to run. She also pointed out that she didn’t think he would be a good mayor and that she would likely not vote for him. There is one problem in her pointing out all of this. The election is over and of course, she didn’t vote for him because she didn’t vote at all. I guess she could be talking about him planning to run in the next election, but are we honestly supposed to believe that Levi Johnston is thinking four years ahead?

On her love life Bristol Palin said that it is hard for her to date right now and that she isn’t really thinking about a boyfriend at this time.

When asked, she also said that she didn’t know if her mom would run for president, but that she hoped she would. I wonder if her mom being on the ticket would be motivation enough for Bristol Palin to take five minutes out of her busy day to fill out a ballot and mail it in. She has to have at least some free time because judging by how she is dancing; she clearly isn’t spending her time in rehearsals.



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