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Capri Anderson: Charlie Sheen’s a D-bag for ruining my P-bag!

Posted by on November 5, 2010 at 12:19 PM EST

capri anderson pradaCapri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen destroyed her expensive Prada purse.

Capri Anderson, the subject of Charlie Sheen’s latest public fall from grace, told TMZ today that Charlie destroyed a Prada purse worth $1600.

Charlie Sheen, Hollywood’s favorite drunk/philanderer/John/guy who shot Kelly Preston (remember THAT? Wait, what am I talking about – you probably weren’t even born in 1990) is still making news a week after the recent Sheen hotel/hospital debacle.

Capri Anderson a.k.a. Christina Walsh, porn star a la carte, contacted hotel security last week after locking herself in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room bathroom. Charlie jumped off his alcoholic diving board straight into his favorite pool of violent rage, damaging hotel property over his missing $150,000 watch. (It’s worth mentioning: among collecting rap sheets, women, booze and drug habits, Charlie Sheen is an avid watch connoisseur. Busy guy, that Charlie Sheen.)  Charlie was taken to a nearby hospital after the police were called.

TMZ reported late last night that Capri Anderson is continuing to milk the spotlight for all it’s worth, saying Charlie destroyed a Prada bag worth $1600. In their report, TMZ says Capri supposedly brought the purse in for repair the day after Charlie Sheen tore it to shreds – which I’m sorry, but cannot help but evoke a Hulk-ish Charlie Sheen image in my brain, all drunk and roaring – but it was beyond hope. Even sadder for the young film star, Capri Anderson just purchased the Prada purse the day before the incident.

Police say Capri Anderson did not mention the prized Prada when they investigated the episode, but it doesn’t take a sleuth to figure out why we’re still talking about it.



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