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“The Apprentice” Recap: Who Did Trump Fire?

Posted by on November 5, 2010 at 10:33 AM EST

the apprenticeThe Apprentice aired last night and another contestant was fired by Donald Trump.

This week’s episode of The Apprentice starts as the remaining members of the women’s team return from the previous boardroom and Anand takes the opportunity to rip into Stephanie for lying to Donald Trump in the boardroom. She brushes him off and tries to ignore him.

For being the project manager of the winning team Steuart gets to meet with Larry Young the CEO of Snapple who has plenty of words of wisdom for him.

This week Trump switches it up. He mixes up the teams so that each team has two guys and two girls. The new team Fortitude is now made up of David, Anand, Poppy and Stephanie. Team Octane is now Clint, Brandy, Steuart and Liza. Donald Trump tells them that this week they will be designing a four page advertisement for the Donald J. Trump line of signature ties, shirts and cuff links that are sold at Macy’s. Brandy steps up as project manager for Octane and David, feeling like he has the hot hand after the previous week’s challenge, steps up as project manager for Fortitude.

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David quickly starts assigning jobs and it only takes the team a few minutes to come up with a solid concept. Meanwhile, Octane does some brainstorming and Brandy has an interesting idea for their concept. Octane splits into teams as Clint and Liza go shopping for things they will need while Brandy and Steuart go to meet the models and being the shoot. When they arrive there are no models so Steuart and Brandy decide they will step in and be the models in the first shoot. This shoot is all about sex appeal and features Steuart standing next to the bed getting dressed while Brandy lays on the bed wearing only one of the Trump shirts. Clint and Liza both are a little worried that this concept might be a little too risque.

Fortitude gets their models and David develops an instant man crush on one of them. He decides right then that this guy will be the face of the ad and he can’t stop talking about him. David and Stephanie seem to work well together and are getting along great, but they are having some trouble communicating with Poppy and Anand.

Both teams of The Apprentice hurry to get their shoots done on time. Brandy and Steuart seem to pull off their shoot even though Liza really is worried about over-sexing the whole thing. As David begins looking through the pictures that Anand and Poppy shot he shuts Anand off and won’t listen to him. Eventually, he even tells Anand to leave him alone and go to the other side of the room. Both teams are feeling the pressure on this one.

As they give their presentations Brandy stumbles a little, but does okay other than that. David goes in without a plan and wings it, but seems to do pretty well. The judges have things they like and dislike about both presentations.

In The Apprentice boardroom David brags about how he did 90% of the work and that Poppy did nothing. She fires back and points out David’s man crush. This amuses Trump and he starts busting David’s balls. Trump is in a good mood and he is having fun with everyone in the boardroom.  Trump then announces that team Octane is the winner and that their ad will actually be used by Macy’s.

Team Fortitude is left in the boardroom and David takes responsibility for the things he did, but he tries to throw Poppy under the bus saying that she did absolutely nothing during this task. David’s team eventually brings his man crush around to hurt him as they point out that the shirt doesn’t fit that model very well, but David insisted on using him as the main model even when others suggested they use someone else.

David has to pick one of his teammates to be safe from firing and her selects Anand. He says Poppy did nothing and Stephanie was right beside him through it all so she deserves some of the blame as well. Try as he might the bottom line is that the piece is about the shirts and David picked the one model that the shirt didn’t fit. He should have either listened to his team and went with a different model or at least got a shirt that fit him. When asked, both Stephanie and Poppy say they feel David should be fired. Trump agrees and David is fired from The Apprentice Season 10. David gives Donald Trump his heartfelt thanks and leaves.



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