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Modern Family Season 2 Recap: Baby Godzilla Chirp

Posted by on November 4, 2010 at 11:54 AM EST

modern family season 2 recapModern Family Season 2 returned last night and here is a quick recap of the “Chirp” episode.

The hit TV show Modern Family returned last night for yet another hilarious episode of season 2. Last night we would follow Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) as he tackled the infamous “Chirp” of a failing smoke detector.

Right off the bat, Phil’s ridiculous antics had be laughing out loud. We find out that Claire (Julie Bowen) has come down with a cold and Phil must fill her shoes for the day. On top of trying to fix a broken smoke detector that keeps chirping and dealing with a real estate drought, Phil must become Claire for the day.

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Haley (Sarah Hyland) who comes home early from school, has caught her mothers cold. Mother and daughter Dunphy spend a little time bonding in front of the television. Haley gets freaked out when she thinks her mother is expressing how much she regrets marrying her father. It turns out Claire is really talking about Haley’s boyfriend and how much of a loser he is. Haley just doesn’t get it, the poor girl.

Meanwhile, over at Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam’s (Eric Stonestreet) a storm is a brewing. Cam has just set up a commercial for their baby Lily and Mitch is not happy about it at all. In fact Mitchell flat out tells Cam that their daughter will not be in the mattress commercial. Of course, Cam does not listen and perhaps the funniest part of last night’s Modern Family Season 2 episode comes from it. As Mitch learns from Gloria (Sofia Vergara) that Cam has taken Lily to the shoot, he is furious. He marches on set and confronts Cam as the commercial begins to shoot.

Now this is where I died laughing. It turns out the commercial for the mattress company needed “Asian” babies for a particular reason. They had Godzilla knocking down buildings (representing the dropped mattress prices) while two actors dubbed over the babies voices. (In a ridiculously strong Asian accent) Mitch convinces Cam to take a stand against the stereotyping and then proceeds to go get his baby. However, Cam grabs the wrong kid! (It’s funny because he just got done telling the producers how all Asians are not alike)

Off to Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria’s debacle for the night. After firing a man form his work because he allowed Manny to ride a fork lift, Jay is then tormenting by Manny. Manny demands that Jay rehires the worker back as the crash was not his fault. Meanwhile, Jay is trying to figure out what exactly him and Gloria are celebrating.

The “Chirp” episode of Modern Family ends with Phil finally finding the elusive smoke detector. Jay calls Manny his son which in turn rids Manny of any hatred for Jay. Mitch and Cam realize that their daughter is not meant for show business.

You can catch Modern Family Season 2 when it returns next Wednesday night at 9|8c on ABC.



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