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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: No Honor Amongst Thieves

Posted by on November 4, 2010 at 10:55 AM EST

survivor nicaragua alinaSurvivor Nicaragua aired last night and we found a thief amongst the tribal members.

As last night’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua started Marty felt like he had dodged a bullet but was still a dead man walking. If his tribe lost the next immunity challenge he would most likely be gone. But fate shined a loving eye on him in the morning when the tree mail brought news of the merge. The La Flor tribe packed up their stuff and headed to Espada’s camp. Espada had a similar tree mail only they were told to say put and wait for La Flor who had the key to this large chest that was at the tree mail station.

When the Survivor tribes met they opened the chest and found new buffs and a note telling them they had merged. The chest held some items to make camp nicer and it held booze, food and treats. Marty suggested the name Libertad which he tells them means liberty and freedom. They all agree and the group cheered, ate and drank until their heart’s content. As the eating ended and everyone began to mingle NaOnka saw the chest with the food sitting alone. She decided to help herself. The food would keep her strong and when it was seen as missing it would cause unrest in the tribe. There was one small problem Alina saw her. She asked what NaOnka was doing, but didn’t tell anyone and didn’t stop her.

When the missing food was discovered everyone on Survivor: Nicaragua started going crazy.  Alina pulled NaOnka aside and told her she need to confess and apologize. Chase got in on the conversation and told her the same thing. She fessed up, went before the tribe and tried to play it off like she was worried they were eating too much and she was rationing the food. Nobody bought it. Quickly talk around camp turned to voting her off, but Brenda was smarter than that and calmed her alliance down. She knows if NaOnka ends up in the final three nobody is going to vote to give her a million dollars so she needs to stay around.

At the Survivor Nicaragua challenge the contestants had to use two custom built handles to hold a heavy iron spike suspended off the ground. They could either push on the handles or pull on them, but if they let up the tension, even for a second, the spike would drop, break their tile and they would be out. The last woman and last guy standing would both win immunity. Right out the gate Kelly Purple dropped her spike. It wasn’t a minute in when Dan dropped his. More people dropped like flies. The women started falling fast and Jane was left standing tall, but she wanted to prove a point. There were still three guys left, Marty, Chase and Fabio. She wanted to beat the guys too. She held strong and Marty was next to fall then Chase went soon after. Fabio and Jane were the first individual immunity winners.

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As soon as they returned to camp the politicking started. Marty made a plea to Brenda that he was not a threat that either Alina or Jane were. He hates Jane and wants her out and everyone knows it. Brenda wants to vote out Alina and Alina wants to blindside Marty. Alina tries hard to get a group of girls together to blindside Marty, but Dan ends up telling him about it and he is able to work some of them. When Alina pulls Fabio aside and asks him to vote for Marty he tells her that he can’t trust her because every conversation anyone has with her ends up getting twisted around and everything with her is a scheme. Plus, he likes Marty.

At tribal council Marty gives a speech about how to play Survivor and makes some good points that people of all races and ages have won the game and that there are many ways to win. He then tries to convince the tribe that Jane is threat and that he doesn’t hate her, but that she hates him because she approached him to be in an alliance 30 minutes into the first day and he turned her down. Alina then pointed out that Marty just proved why he was a major threat in the game. Her pleas didn’t help her though. Jane and she voted for Marty and everyone else voted for her so Alina was the next person sent home.

As the show ended host Jeff Probst made an interesting observation when he told them that at the moment it looked like they were making decisions as a group, but based on his experience that won’t last long.



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