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Kanye West: George Bush Recalls Racism Accusation In Memoir

Posted by on November 3, 2010 at 7:23 PM EST

kanye west george bushGeorge Bush says the Kanye West racism accusation was the lowest point in his presidency.

In what may be one of the oddest stories I have read in a while, there is news today in some excerpts from former President George W. Bush‘s memoir that is set for release in a few weeks. The president says that being called a racist by Kanye West was the lowest point in his presidency. Really? We’ll come back to this in a minute. First a quick refresher. Shortly after the hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans there was a big telethon put on where dozens of celebrities performed, took calls and presented stories in an effort to raise money. At one point during the telethon Mike Meyers and Kanye West are presenting a story. Meyers reads his lines then Kanye goes off script and famously says, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Meyers stood there with a horrified look on his face and didn’t know what to do. It was classic Kanye.

In Bush’s book he says that he didn’t like hearing that people accused him of lying about WMD’s so he could invade Iraq or that he cut taxes just to help the wealthy, but that the suggestion that his response to Katrina was because he was a racist was the all time low.

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This shocks me. Our country was attacked by terrorist and we lost two iconic buildings and over 3,000 fellow citizens. We invade a country and lose another 5,000 soldiers not to mention the hundreds of billions spent and have little or nothing to show for it and as he left office the country suffered the greatest economic collapse since the great depression and the thing that bothers him the most is that Kanye West thinks he is a racist. Amazing!

Oddly enough Kanye West now sympathizes with George Bush. He as recently said that he was branded a racist and a bigot after he cut Taylor Swift off at the MTV VMA’s. Kanye says, “I definitely can understand the way he feels to be accused of being a racist in any way . . .”

So now it has come full circle. Kanye said what he did during the telethon because he thought that Bush was out of touch with the people and didn’t care about black people. He then makes his own mistake and feels the public’s wrath which helps him to understand how Bush must have felt after he basically called him an out of touch racist. Now Bush comes clean and essentially, by way of giving the statements he has, proves that while he is not a racist (Bush actually had a pretty stellar record of racial equality in his administration) he was in fact completely out of touch. So Kanye was correct, just not exactly on point. However, it appears for all the apologizing he has done, Kanye West may not have really learned form his experience either. One year after the Taylor Swift incident at this year’s VMA’s Taylor sings her song about Kanye that talks about forgiving him. Kanye’s response later in the show when it was his turn to take the stage? “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes.” Kanye performed Runaway his new song where he realizes he is no good, accepts that this is how it is going to be and suggests the women in his life run away as fast as they can.

Maybe, in the end, he and George Bush are two peas in a pod.



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