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Taylor Swift Keeps Promise; Meets With Fans For Over 13 Hours

Posted by on June 14, 2010 at 1:27 PM EST

Taylor Swift kept her promise at the 2010 CMA Music Festival when she met with fans for over 13 hours.

taylor swiftAs reported last week in our story Taylor Swift Nominated At 2010 CMT Music Awards To Hold 13-Hour Meet And Greet. Taylor held up her end of that bargain this past Sunday at the 2010 CMA Music Festival.

In her 13 hour Meet-and-Greet Taylor gave fans a little bit more than just her autograph. Taylor invited the fans to come backstage for a sneak peek at what went on behind the scenes.

Fans were giving a tour of Swift’s tour bus, wardrobe, set pieces and an exclusive glimpse of her backstage “tea party”.

As the 13-Hour meet-and-greet went on Taylor received a ton of bracelets, which were gifts from the fans that Taylor was meeting. Swift also had the idea to have fans write numbers on her arm to mark how many hours she had been signing autographs.

Taylor went on to say: “it’ll be interesting to see how many numbers I have at the end of the night. It’s so much fun because they’re all so nice and they say really sweet things. I’m so proud of my team for putting together an event that was exactly what I had in my mind.”

When all was said and done at the 2010 CMA Music Festival, Taylor Swift ended up extending her fan signing party to a whopping 15-hours. It is always nice when an artist, such as Swift, to show her appreciation for the fans. It just goes to show that despite all of the fame, they still appreciate the fans that support them in everything they do.

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