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Survivor Nicaragua Preview: Will The Older Tribe Prevail?

Posted by on November 3, 2010 at 5:28 PM EST

survivor nicaragua previewWill the older tribe prevail tonight on a new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua?

Just a few weeks ago on Survivor: Nicaragua it looked like all the older players in the game had their days numbered.  Their tribe couldn’t win any of the challenges and one by one they were getting voted off. They didn’t fare much better after the tribes were switched up so that each tribe had both younger and older players. The younger players were in control and were slowly removing the older players from the game. It looks like all of that could change tonight.

Last week Marty made a pretty gutsy move when he made he deal with Sash to give him the hidden Survivor Nicaragua immunity idol in exchange for a guarantee that he wouldn’t be voted out. It worked brilliantly as Marty survived the vote and Sash slipped up and admitted he might not trust his alliance. This week on Survivor we see the two tribes merge. Now all challenges will be for individual immunity and while there are still fewer older players than younger in the games it looks like there are some cracks in the younger players alliances that could be exploited.

At the merge we will see a Survivor tradition as the home camp for the newly merged tribe is chosen and they are greeted with a large cache’ of food and drink to celebrate with. NaOnka looks to immediately drive a divide through the newly merged tribe and starts stealing things from the chest. It is a bold strategy that could badly backfire if she is found out.

The first merged immunity challenge also looks very interesting. It is simple in design, but not so simple to execute. Using two custom made handles the contestant must hold a heavy metal bar up by either pulling or pushing on the handles. Failure to put enough pressure one way or the other causes the bar to drop and that contestant is out.

It is almost certain that there will be fireworks no matter who wins the challenge as the older tribe members scratch and claw to stay in the game while the younger players struggle to hold on to power.

Tune in to Survivor: Nicaragua tonight at 8pm on CBS.



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