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Brandy: Can I Beat Jennifer Grey On DWTS?

Posted by on November 2, 2010 at 7:31 PM EST

brandy win dwtsCan Brandy take out Jennifer Grey and win this year’s DWTS competition?

This week Dancing With The Stars celebrates their 200th episode and they pulled out all the stops. They started the show with a group dance competition. Past DWTS champions Apolo Anton Ohno and Kristi Yamaguchi returned to serve as captains. They picked their teams and the two teams took turns doing their group cha cha. The group score would be added to the individual dancer scores from their solo dances later in the night to give them this week’s total score. With this, we saw some big numbers and there were some clear cut winners of the week. The show also brought back former dancers who would present one of their best dances and then judge the team that would be recreating it this week.

Brandy was the first big winner of the week. She and Maksim would be dancing a foxtrot previously performed by Gilles Marini. Her rehearsals showed her getting a little shy with Maksim as they prepared to do a sexy performance. She admitted to him that she has had some really rough times recently (no doubt a reference to the car crash and multiple lawsuits that she has been dealing with for the past few years) and that she desperately wanted to win this competition. Maks tried keeping the rehearsals light and had fun with her and it paid off. Their dance was hot, sexy and technically sounds. Brandy was able to tap her inner vixen and really brought the heat.  The crowd loved her and the judges were very impressed. Len especially gushed over her. She got a score of 37 from the judges when added with her score from the group dance she ended up with a total of 64 out of a possible 70.

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The other big winner of the week was Jennifer Grey. After coming out the gates and leading the competition for a most of the early running Jennifer has had a few rough weeks. She needed to really step it up if she was going to return to her place at the top, but there were questions as to whether her body could hold up through it all. She danced a tango first performed by Drew Lachey. Her rehearsal footage showed her going to the doctor because she was tired and feeling beat up. He told her to take breaks and pace herself. She is 50, even if she looks younger and her body is breaking down some from all of this. She was emotional through rehearsals and questioned if she could pull this off, but all those questions were answered when they hit the floor. Their tango was hot, she did fantastic and she really returned to form with a great performance. The crowd was brought to their feet, the judges were wowed and Jennifer was clearly back. Bruno even said she was like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The judges gave her a 37. When that was added with her group score she too scored a 64 our of a possible 70.

Jennifer Grey and Brandy both stepped up big this week and showed once again why it is a woman that is favored to win DWTS this years.



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