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Rick Fox and Kurt Warner Are Impressive For “DWTS” Week 7

Posted by on November 2, 2010 at 6:20 PM EST

rick fox dwtsRick Fox and Kurt Warner were quite impressive during DWTS week 7 which aired last night.

This week marked the 200th episode anniversary of Dancing With The Stars and they pulled out all the stops to make special. They started off the show with a big group dance competition that saw past DWTS champions Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno return to act as captains. The two captains picked their teams and those teams competed in a group cha cha dance that was scored by the judges. The scores from the group dance would be added to the solo dances from later in the show. This episode also saw them bring back some past favorites who presented one of their best dances from their appearance on the show and then sat in with the judges to judge the dancer who would be reinterpreting that dance this week.

There were some dancers who excelled and some that who didn’t do as well and others who seemed to cling to the middle of the pack. Here are this weeks dancers who treaded water:

Kurt Warner would be dancing a tango first performed by Emmit Smith. Emmit is the only football player to have won DWTS and Kurt clearly wanted to impress him. He was frustrated during rehearsals as Anna kept telling him things were easy when he was struggling. He took her to an Arizona Cardinals practice where she ran some drills (not very well either) and met Larry Fitzgerald who said he watches every week and votes for Kurt. That seemed to lift Kurt’s spirits and helped him return to form. He did a very good job and impressed the judges. The judges told him that they appreciated how he was able to take criticism and then work on those points to get better. Emmit joked with him about hunching his neck, telling him that he did it too and it is habit from protecting yourself on the football field. He got a score of 34. When added together with his group score he ended up with a total of 61 out of a possible 70.

Rick Fox, the other athlete on the show, would be recreating Helio Castroneves quickstep. He was a little worried during rehearsals and was trying to make it fun and energetic. His hot girlfriend Eliza Dushku stopped by to lift his spirits and they showed Cheryl how he dances with her at home (she is so small he just lifts her up and carries her around the room) I have a feeling Rick is having a lot DWTS good times at home with Eliza. Rick hit the floor in a green suit that made him look like a giant leprechaun, but he seemed to really have a blast with the dance. He was full of expressions and made it fun and even a little silly at time. The judges thought it was his best dance of the season and rewarded him with a 35. When added to his group score he ended the week with a total of 61 out of a possible 70.

Both Rick Fox and Kurt Warner took big steps forward and showed why they could be contenders, but they were just a little bit under the top two dancers this week. Once again they showed how they can use their athlete’s frame of mind to buckle down and focus to get the job done when needed. While they might have been treading water this week, either one of these guys could make a move next week that puts him in the DWTS winners bracket.



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