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“Dancing With The Stars” Results Show Preview And Predictions

Posted by on November 2, 2010 at 2:21 PM EST

dancing with the stars previewPreview and predictions for tonight’s live DWTS results show.

The Dancing With The Stars 200th episode celebration continues tonight during the results show. Last night they pulled out all the stops and had a lot of past dancers in the audience and on the show. They also had each dancer perform twice. First, they were in a group dance competition then they did their individual dance. It seemed like most of the dancers rose to the occasion and did pretty good.

Tonight we will no doubt see at least one dance put on by the pros and we will also be treated to live performances by Rod Stewart and Taylor Swift. They may have other surprises in the works as they continue to celebrate the 200th episode anniversary of DWTS.

But the glam and glitter aside, someone is going home tonight. If the last two weeks have showed anything they have showed that anyone can go home at any time. Last week Audrina Patridge had the second highest score of the week and she was voted out. Bristol has seemed to dodge the bullet so many times I am at a loss for words.  For me there are only two dancers who are most likely safe this week and that is Brandy and Jennifer Grey. They both scored very high and I think they both have a lot of fans. Any of the remaining four could go.

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Kurt Warner has had some bad weeks and some good weeks. This was one of his best weeks and I think he will ride the football popularity to survive another week. Rick Fox also seems popular, danced what was probably his best dance of the season and should survive. However, you never know because it could come down to little things that turn the audience off for a week. There are many who think that Florence Henderson hinting that she may have slept with Brady Bunch co-star Barry Williams and her odd affection for him may have cost her votes and caused her to be voted out. This week Kurt jokingly said that he admires Emmit Smith for being the only football player to win the show, but that he isn’t sure he can do it because he is a slow, old, white guy. Some people may see that as a racist thing to say and Brooke Burke looked a little shocked when he said it. Rick Fox had his girlfriend Eliza Dushku in during his rehearsals and he showed how he danced with her at home. She is so small he just lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him and he carried her around the floor. Some may find it endearing and even a little hot and others might find it a little creepy like he is holding a child. Those little things could cost them.

Still, those flaws aside I think both of them will survive and it will come down to Bristol and Kyle. There has been an odd thing happening with Bristol the last few weeks on Dancing With The Stars. The judges and everyone on the show seemed to have suddenly adopted her as if she were the little engine that could. They always talk about how she has never danced before and how she isn’t in the entertainment field (which again brings up the question of why she is on Dancing With The Stars to begin with) and it is almost like she is everyone’s favorite person. Even Kelly Osborne mentioned it this week and told her she felt for her being thrust into the spotlight. Let’s not forget, yes, Bristol was pulled into the spotlight when her mom was tapped as McCains’ VP running mate, but after the election she could have faded back into obscurity. She chose to be on this show and put herself out there knowing that she can’t dance.

All that said I think it will be between Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin who goes home and I think it will be Kyle’s week. I have said Bristol was next for a while and she seems to have more lives than an alley cat so this week I’m going with someone else. In the end, as the last two weeks have shown, anything can happen on Dancing With The Stars and we could get another shock this week.



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