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Please Vote Bristol Palin Off Of Dancing With The Stars!

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 7:47 PM EST

bristol palinI really hope that Bristol Palin will be voted off of DWTS week 7.

In a show all about favoritism, Bristol Palin is the definitive proof to that statement. The moment stepped out on the DWTS dance floor in a monkey outfit should have been her last. However, since Bristol’s mommy is Sarah Palin, I feel that she has America’s vote on her side. While she did improve last week on DWTS, I feel Bristol Palin should have never made it this far.

Hopefully this week, our present for the 200th episode of Dancing With The Stars will be seeing Bristol get voted off. Come one America, I know you can do it. Just say NO! to Bristol Palin and her horrible dancing.



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  1. Ditto Ditto Ditto. The girl can NOT dance at all. She looks like a mannequin being moved around the floor. Florence Henderson was better than she is.

  2. You are pathetic. Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her still being on DWTS. The American People voting are the ones who have voted for her just like the many past seasons where the popular vote left people in the competition who shouldn’t have been there. Surely you don’t still think this is show based solely on skill. And you are a bully and I can only hope your children someday will be bullied and put down in the same manner you are doing because people can’t stand you.

  3. Tonight was a travesty. The voters kept Bristol Palin on and voted Rick off!!!!??? Are you kidding me? I am done with Dancing With The “Stars”. I have been an avid fan since day one, but this is too much. Finished!!

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