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Charlie Sheen: Death Rumors Galore!

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 6:33 PM EST

charlie sheen deathCharlie Sheen – Not dead, or  close, says manager!

Charlie Sheen has been a hot topic all over the Internet and gossip columns since last week’s hotel /hospital debacle, involving adult film actress Capri Anderson.

Charlie Sheen broke headlines last week when he landed himself in a hospital after his reported drunken rage in a NYC hotel, complete with mattress-dancer-for-hire in the bathroom.

Capri Anderson a.k.a. Christina Walsh, 22 year-old porn star shared dinner and a room with Charlie Sheen early last week. By the end of the night Anderson had locked herself in Sheen’s hotel room bathroom after calling security to tell them she was “extremely afraid,” of Sheen’s purported behavior. Sheen was allegedly enraged over a missing watch and preceded to trash the hotel room.

As the week progressed, TMZ reportedly spoke with “multiple sources connected with the actor,” and in one follow-up article published quotes indicating Charlie Sheen’s decisions could be more destructive than a little hotel damage. Once source claimed Sheen had substance abuse problems, and another called him “a tortured soul,” hinting that Mr. Sheen is in a perilous downward spiral.

Shortly after, more reports surfaced online alleging the Two and A Half Men star was in such deep turmoil that he was endangering his own life. Fear for Charlie Sheen’s well-being ran rampant webside, but we learned late yesterday that the rumor mill may have been churning out some less-than-warranted concerns, suggesting the Sheen life-and-death drama situation was a little off base (OMG – that happens?!).

TMZ reported yesterday afternoon that Charlie Sheen was perfectly fine, and according to his manager Mark Burg, there is nothing to worry about. Sheen is expected to be on the set of his hit show Two and A Half Men Tuesday as scheduled. Burg confirmed the Charlie Sheen death rumors were exactly that, and called the supposed source quotes “reckless lies.”



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