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“Dancing With The Stars”: The Final Three Men Battle It Out!

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 7:31 PM EST

dancing with the starsThe final three men of Dancing With The Stars are set to battle it out tonight during the 200th episode special.

The last three men are holding on tight and fighting to stay on Dancing With The Stars. With Monday marking the 200th episode of Dancing With The Stars you know the show and the dancers are going to pull out all the stops and bring it with everything they have.

Here are our three remaining guys:

There were a lot of people who thought that Kurt Warner would be eliminated last week. He had the lowest score of the week and his performances have been fluctuating madly. One week he is amazing then the next he falls flat. With each passing week it gets harder and harder to get a good score, but even with his low score his popularity with the viewers saw him through to another week. But his popularity can only take him so far. If he doesn’t step it up this week he could be in grave danger of going home. Kurt is used to performing under pressure so I would look for him to give a strong performance and return to the ranks of those dancers who are legit contenders.

Kyle Massey has dodged a few bullets, but he seems to have gotten himself back on track last week. All season long the Dancing With The Stars judges have been on him about getting the technical aspects of the dances down and he has pretty much ignored them . . . until last week. His rehearsal footage showed Kyle determined and focused on getting the technical aspects of the steps down. He even videoed the steps so he could practice at home and it paid off. I think he realizes now that he has to incorporate those aspects into his dancing if he wants to go much further. I think he finally has all the tools to move ahead and the crowd and fans seem to have a lot of love for him. I would look for him to have another strong week.

Rick Fox has been the most reliable guy on the show. Every week he is prepared and every week he seems to deliver. He has been improving week to week which is all the judges can ask and he seems to be getting more and more comfortable with himself and confident. Last week he was solid as usual and it seems like Rick now is capable of a big score no matter what kind of dance they do. I would look for Rick to continue to impress. I have picked him all along as the guy who had the best chance of winning the show and I see no signs of why he can’t do that.

As we have seen in the last couple of weeks, anyone is vulnerable and anything can happen. Clearly score doesn’t matter that much if Audrina Patridge (who had the second highest score of the week) can get voted off. Dancing With The Stars has come down to a popularity contents. If I had to pick the next guy to go I would say it would be Kyle Massey simply because he is not as well known as Rick Fox and Kurt Warner.



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