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DWTS: Is Bristol Palin The Weakest Woman Left?

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 3:59 PM EST

bristol palin weak dwtsThere are only three women left on DWTS and it seems like Bristol Palin is the weakest link out of them all.

The stakes are getting higher on Dancing With The Stars as we get down to just three women and three men left. The girls have dominated the scoreboard as of late, but that hasn’t helped them as we have seen two prominent women get voted off in the last two weeks.  Florence Henderson was a surprise when she was voted off two weeks ago, but last week when Audrina Patridge was voted off after getting the second highest score the week it sent notice that anyone can go at any time.

Here are the three remaining women on DWTS:

Jennifer Grey was the odds on favorite to win it all as this season of DWTS started and for the first few weeks she showed no signs of letting go of the strangle hold she had on the top of leader board. She has come back to earth a little bit over the last few weeks and has been among the lower scores. She admits that she is under a lot of pressure to be great each week, but it seems like she came a little unraveled last week and missed some steps.  I think she still has a ton of fan support so I would imagine she would be sticking around for at least a few more weeks so long as she doesn’t completely collapse. I look for her to come out strong this week and reassert herself as one of the best dancers in this season.

Brandy has had her ups and downs this season. She started off strong then had a few weeks where it seemed like she and her partner Maksim couldn’t get on the same page, but over the last two weeks she has come on strong again. Last week she performed her best dance of the season and got the highest score of the week. It seems that Brandy is peaking right and the right time. Things are getting hard now and as we have seen anyone can go home at any time. She has picked just the right time to turn it up. She is a pro when it comes to performing so I look for her to keep her foot on the peddle and charge hard to win the show. She has admitted that winning the show would mean the world to her. I have a feeling she is going to do everything in her power to do just that.

I am not sure exactly how Bristol Palin is still on the Dancing With The Stars. Someone needs to get out a slide ruler and a compass and explain it to me because it doesn’t make any sense. I give her a pass this last week. She danced her best dance of the season and her score put her right in the middle of the pack, but prior to that she was always among the lowest scorers. Still, somehow, week in and week out she survives. To me this means one of three things is happening. She and her mom have a connection with a certain segment of the population and that group has decided to vote en mass for her. Or there is some kind of conspiracy among the producers of the show who want to keep her around because she gets them press and possibly ratings. Or there is some kind of vote for the worst campaign going on where people are voting for her just to keep her around and make a mockery of the show. Clearly something is up because when you watch her dance next to the other competitors it is obvious that they are all better than her. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect from Bristol this week. Maybe she will have another good week or we could see the old Bristol that misses half of the steps.

Perhaps this is Bristol’s week to be voted off of DWTS. If you base it strictly on how people have done as a whole this season, she is the worst of the remaining dancers and I would pick her as the woman that is most likely to be voted off this week, however she has more lives than a cat so I won’t be at all shocked if she doesn’t dance that well and still manages to escape.



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