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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: From Russia With Babushka Love

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 12:45 PM EST

amazing race recap russiaThe Amazing Race 17 returned last night as the contestants went on a Russian adventure.

On last week’s Norway leg of The Amazing Race 17, Katie and Rachel were told that they were the last at the pit stop and would be going home. This week Nat and Kat, who finished first last week, find themselves the first to race to Russia.

Phil Keoghan fills us in that all of the teams of The Amazing Race will be heading to Russia by car, train and plane. As the race starts, Nat and Kat find out that all of the teams will be on the same train as they make their long trip to Russia.

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 17

Somehow, Brook and Claire end up in Russia at the first Detour first, beating out Nat and Kat. For this Detour the teams must choose between Classical Music and Classic Cinema. For the music challenge, teams must listen to 3 Gramophones playing a tune and then go into a massive hall of pianos and match each tune in the correct order to the piano that is playing them. (Let the massive headache begin, as this was pure chaos)

Now for the Film side of things, teams are sent to a legendary film studio and must find the filmstrip that matches the video being played on the projection screen. It wouldn’t be so hard if there weren’t a massive pile of filmstrips that the teams had to search through.

Once the teams completed last nights Amazing Race detour, they must follow a marked road to a neighborhood store in the middle of nowhere. The roadblock for this leg of the race has teams taking on a “Russian Drag Race.” In this challenge, the teams must become Babushkas. Once dressed in the proper attire, they must plant a row of 50 potatoes, complete with cow manure fertilizer.

After the Babushka Drag roadblock was complete, the teams would head to the pit stop. Now that the basis of last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17 is out of the way, let’s find out how each of the teams did.

  • Brook and Claire – The TV duo arrives at the detour in 1st place and chooses to do the classic film challenge. However, on the way to Lenfilm studios their cab driver gets lost and they lose a lot of ground. Once they find the correct filmstrip, they were off to the Babushka Drag roadblock. Dawned in traditional Babusha attire, Claire planted those potatoes in manure like they were going out of style. Of course Michael was in front of her and managed to finish a tad bit before she did. Once arriving at the pit stop, Brook and Claire claimed 2nd place for last night’s leg of the Amazing Race.
  • Michael and Kevin – Hot on the heels of Brooke and Claire to the detour challenge, Michael and Kevin also choose the film detour. They arrive at the studios before Brook and Claire. However, the father and son duo have quite the bit of trouble finding the correct filmstrip. Brook and Claire and Jill and Thomas manage to find it before they do. Somehow the team managed to get to the Babushka challenge in 2nd place and Michael gained the lead as he finished before Claire. Once at the final destination for the pit stop, Michael and Kevin get lost and lose their 1st place lead, only to come in 3rd.
  • Jill and Thomas – 3rd to the detour, Jill and Thomas also choose the film challenge on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17. Once they found the correct strip, Jill and Thomas headed to the “Drag Race” challenge. Jill planted the potatoes so fast that I almost missed her doing the entire challenge. Somehow, even though they were in 3rd place upon leaving the roadblock, Jill and Thomas reached the pit stop in 1st place, winning last nights leg of the race.
  • Nat and Kat – Being the first of the teams to ditch the music challenge for the film challenge, Nat and Kat arrived at the Babushka challenge at around the same time as Mallory and Gary and Chad and Stephanie. They managed to get the task done quickly and take 4th place at the pit stop.
  • Mallory and Gary – After failing at the music challenge miserably, the father and daughter team took on the film challenge. After a great success there, they headed to the Babushka challenge. This is where things got really funny as Mallory was literally climbing in the big pile of manure. I guess she didn’t realize she could shovel it into the wheelbarrow from the ground and didn’t have to climb in it. Needless to say, she took on the challenge, planted her potatoes and arrived at the pit stop in 6th place.
  • Chad and Stephanie – While they struggled with their decision to stick with the music challenge, Chad and Stephanie finally got the order right and headed to the Babushka drag race. Stephanie took on the challenge and while Mallory got lost in poop, she managed to sneak past her. While it was close, Chad and Stephanie arrived at Phil Keoghan and the pit stop in 5th place.
  • Nick and Vicki – Nick and Vicki chose to do the musical challenge on last nights Amazing Race 17 episode. After struggling for quite some time, they decided to head to the film challenge. Once there, they realized that they were never going to be able to find the filmstrip and headed back to the music challenge! Needless to say, Nick and Vicki were in last place for the whole episode last night and also finished in last place. However, Phil Keoghan let them know that it was a non-elimination leg and that they were still in the race.



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