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“Dexter” Season 5 Recap: The Killer Duo

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 10:38 AM EST

dexter recapDexter and Lumen team up as a killer duo on last night’s “Everything Is Illumenated” episode.

Episode 6 of Season 5 of Dexter starts with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) packing up the stuff from Dexter and Rita’s (Julie Benz) house. Debra suggests he takes the apartment back and he agrees. The first thing he does is put his slides back in their proper hiding spot.

Dexter is now stalking a guy named Lance Robinson (Chad Allen). Lance meets guys online then kills them when they meet in person. As Dexter prepares to meet and kill Lance, Lumen (Julia Stiles) is in a hotel room getting dressed up. She puts on a black wig, a sexy dress and some heels. She is looking very hot as she leaves.

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Meanwhile Debra and the rest of the homicide group are preparing for their stakeout of the club that they think the Fuentes brothers will show up at. The Chief shows up and is not happy with them doing this and their lack of progress on the case. He is also unhappy with Lageuerta working with IA in order to clean up Batista’s (David Zayas) mess. As they head to the stakeout Batista and Lageuerta fight over her motives for helping IA. He thinks she was just trying to keep her pristine name clean as opposed to just helping him.

Dexter rents an RV and meets up with Lance. He told Lance online he was cruising in the RV down to the Keys and wanted some company. When Lance shows up Dexter drugs him. He has turned the RV into a kill room and is wrapping Lance in shrink-wrap when Lumen calls. He ignores her call then she sends him a picture of a guy who is bleeding. He calls her and she tells him that she just shot this guy and needs his help. He grabs Lance and puts him in the back of his car then goes to help Lumen.

At the club the crew is working their stake out and Debra is not very happy with Quinn (Desmond Harrington) dancing and flirting with every hot girl in the place. Batista gets a call of a homicide and Debra agrees to take it.

Dexter arrives at the warehouse where Lumen has shot this guy. She takes him to where the body is, only now it is gone – the guy wasn’t dead. She and Dexter follow the blood trail and she starts to figure out the Dexter is some kind of cop because he uses Luminol to follow the blood trail. As they search for the guy Dexter gets a call from Debra telling him to report to a warehouse for a possible murder scene. The place she tells him to go is the place he and Lumen (Julia Stiles) are at. They hurry it up and wind through a huge area and eventually find the guy. Dexter doesn’t want to kill him until he is sure he knows who this guy is.

Back at the club Batista leaves his position in the van and hits on a girl he had been admiring on the surveillance cameras.

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As Dex and Lumen are dealing with the guy he gets a call from the babysitter so he goes into the next room and to sing to Harrison. When he comes back Lumen is all over the guy. He pulls her off of him and as he is trying to calm her down in the next room they hear the guy talking. Lumen dropped her cell phone and the guy grabbed it and called his buddies. It turns out this guy is who Lumen says he is. He tells Lumen the others will hunt her down and killer her. Dexter kills him and he and Lumen start to clean up. Dexter pulls his car around and tells Lumen to leave; he will handle it. As he goes back out to his car he sees Lance, who is now awake, running away from his car. He chases him down and grabs him just before he can round the corner and see Debra and Masuka (C.S. Lee) who are following the blood trail and heading right for Dexter and Lumen’s victim. He drags Lance back and strangles him with the shrink-wrap then puts Lumen’s gun in his hand. He then runs out and acts as if he just got there and stumbled upon the scene. Inside the crime scene it now looks like Lance shot Lumen’s attacker and accidentally choked himself to death. Masuka gives a detailed explanation of how auto-erotic asphyxiation works and the case is closed.

Back at the police department Batista introduces the girl he hit on to Laguerta. He then explains that he recognized her and that she has a decent amount of pending drug charges. She is willing to trade. If they drop the drug charges she will get the Fuentes brothers to the club at a future date. Laguerta is happy and she and Batista both apologize and make up.

Debra goes to Quinn’s place and the two confess that they have feelings for each other and they want to explore a relationship.

Dexter goes to he and Rita’s house where he finds Lumen in the bathtub looking just like Rita did when she was murdered. After she gets out he has a flash back and sees Rita dead and all the blood everywhere. He and Lumen end up sitting on the bathroom floor where they have a real emotional conversation about their lives and who they are. Lumen opens up and bears her soul to him, telling him about her life. She tells him that killing that guy brought her some sense of peace, but she knows it will wear off and she will have to kill another of her attackers in order to get it back. Dexter knows all too well what she is talking about. As the episode comes to an end they sit and talk and he realizes that he can’t get revenge for Rita because he already killed Trinity, but he can help Lumen hunt down her attackers and help her find her own sense of peace and closure.



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