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Marisa Miller Takes The NFL To London!

Posted by on October 30, 2010 at 4:53 PM EST

marisa miller nfl londonThis Sunday Marisa Miller will take the NFL to London!

The NFL will play a game in London this Sunday with Marisa Miller as the gridiron ambassador. While this is not the first time that the NFL has featured a game in London it is the first time that the game has come in the middle of the season. Normally, the NFL has been wise enough to play these games as the first game of the season (or even the preseason) so that it doesn’t mess with the week in and week out routine that teams tend to fall into, but for some reason they decided against that this time. Worse yet they picked two western teams who will have a few hours of extra travel. Let’s not mention that both of the teams (the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers) suck.

One thing they did bring to London that the NFL is also known for at home is hot girls. The NFL has long been talking about expanding to London or parts of Europe. I can think of no better way to convince them that it is a game they want to see than to send hotties over to speak on behalf of the sport. In this case that hottie is world famous super model Marisa Miller.  Miller, it turns out, is a big NFL fan and a lifelong 49ers fan. She was hired by the NFL and will lead the first ever fan rally in London. She will also be hosting a pep rally for the 49ers called “the Gold Rush.” 49er coach Mike Singletary is scheduled to appear.

Miller is no novice when it comes to the NFL. In a recent interview she talked knowledgeably about the 49ers and their current quarterback issue. She believes Troy Smith will do just fine citing his success at Ohio State as strong evidence. She also believes that they just need to get back to relying more on Frank Gore and establishing the run in order to take some of the pressure off of Smith. Miller even joked that she grew up throwing the ball around with her dad and that she loves playing football. She has scars on her knuckles from some of the games she has been in so hand modeling is not in her future.

Marisa Miller‘s enthusiasm aside, the NFL arriving with her in London this week has not been without controversy.  There have been some critics that say the NFL is sending a mixed message when they hired miller. With the lingering controversies surrounding Mexican TV reported Ines Sainz and her treatment by members of the NY Jets and Jenn Sterger who received dirty, inappropriate voice and text messages – as well as alleged explicit pictures – sent by Brett Favre to her when she was a Jets employee and he was their quarterback two seasons ago, the NFL is currently under fire for their treatment of women. Critcs say that hiring Miller sends the message that only good looking women can be involved with the NFL and that they have to put up with unacceptable behavior in order to be involved. Miller, for her part, seems impervious to the controversy. She seems like a legit fan who is stoked about representing the NFL in London and the fact that she is a world famous super model is secondary.

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There is also the controversy of the game itself. There is the travel that could cause lingering jet lag issues with the players and the major time change that could cause the players to get out of the routine they work hard to get into. Unless you are playing in the Sunday night or Monday night games, all football games start at either 1pm EST or 4pm EST, They are going to air this game at 1pm EST which means with the time difference the team will be on the field at 8am local London time. This means the players will find themselves getting up a 6am or earlier, probably something they are no too used to. While a lot of people may shrug it off and tell them to not complain about having to get up early, the early hour could ultimately affect the quality of the game. The NFL wants to put their best foot forward in these games to show London what a great game it is. Wembley Stadium will be sold out  and they will want to see a great game. Sadly, they will get the 1-6 49ers playing the 2-5 Broncos with both teams most likely suffering from jet lag and lack of sleep. The best Londoners can hope for is to catch of glimpse of Marisa Miller. At least she might bring some energy to the field.



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