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Lindsay Lohan: Online Shopping Is My Therapy!

Posted by on October 29, 2010 at 4:33 PM EST

lindsay lohan shopping therapyLindsay Lohan enjoys online shopping as her therapy while in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan is in the Betty Ford Clinic trying to kick her drug and alcohol habit and while there is no word on how well that is going (it must be going at least pretty well if the judge was willing to let her stay in rehab instead of going to jail) it seems that Lohan may have found a new outlet for her addictive personality – online shopping.

Just days after reports that Lindsay Lohan was complaining that rehab was bleeding her dry and that she couldn’t afford to stay there without working (the estimated cost of her stay through the end of the year is around $150,000) new reports have surfaced that she has spent around $20,000 buying clothes online. Among these purchases was a large order from an Australian boutique for clothes that included “lots of sequins.”

Lohan is reportedly on a very strict schedule while in rehab that includes 6am wake-ups and 10pm lights out with no TV. She is allowed to use the phone and internet on Sundays. It looks like she is pretty busy when she finally gets time online. Lindsay Lohan is known for going on “retail therapy” sessions and shopping when she is having trouble in her life, but if she can’t afford the rehab already, someone might want to step in and take away her credit card.



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