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Capri Anderson: Show Me The Money Mr. Sheen!

Posted by on October 29, 2010 at 4:17 PM EST

capri anderson moneyCapri Anderson, the porn star in the recent Charlie Sheen drunken debacle is cashing in!

Whether you call her Capri Anderson or Christina Walsh, it seems like the porn star has just hit the jackpot. TMZ is reporting that fresh off her Charlie Sheen drunken, hospitalization incident, Welsh has been receiving tons of job offers. (One being a $50k deal to do some live adult cams online)

Who knew that being scared shitless into a hotel bathroom could make you so much money? While Capri Anderson may have been traumatized at the time of the Charlie Sheen meltdown, she is more than likely thanking him now.

Now if only Charlie Sheen could find that damn watch he thinks Capri stole, then the world would be peaceful yet again.



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  1. This girl is having the time of her life.
    She’s in the news every day– even CBS and ABC are reporting on her.

    I just saw her audition tape.
    She’s pretty hot.

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