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Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, hits New York Theaters Today

Posted by on June 11, 2010 at 10:04 PM EST

77-year-old Joan Rivers gives us an up close and personal look at her every day life with the release of her documentary, winner of the Sundance Film Festival this year, “Joan Rivers: A piece of Work.”

joan-riversRicki Stern and Annie Sundberg directed this film beginning in 2008. Both Stern and Sundberg followed Rivers around daily for 14 months and never left her side.

Rivers is known as the raspy voice, harsh red carpet critic, who makes fun of celebrities and pokes fun on her numerous cosmetic surgeries. She can make you laugh or squirm. “Joan Rivers: A piece of Work” will have you laughing or in shock with the rude comments, dirty mouth and judgments. The film starts off the way a documentary should, RAW! The opening of the movie is scenes of her with no make-up, thin line of the mouth, until someone comes and adds layers of make-up.

Film critic and screenwriter Roger Ebert stated Joan Rivers: A piece of Work is “One of the most truthful documentaries about show business I’ve seen. Also maybe the funniest. Joan remains one of the most transgressive and fearless of comedians, and one of the quickest, fastest and most merciless. The documentary shows a life force of formidable energy.”

Since the 50s Joan Rivers has been an actress, done stand up comedy, wrote a book, hosted her own daytime talk show, The Joan Rivers Show, which ran for five years. Hosted, along with her daughter Melissa, the pre-awards show for the Golden Globe and pre-awards for the Academy Awards on E! Entertainment Television. Rivers left E! red carpet show in 2003 for a three year contract covering the awards red carpets for the TV Guide Channel. She also won the Donald Trump reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” is rated R. in Theaters today in New York City.



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