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“The Apprentice” Season 10 Recap: Mahsa’s Fired From Broadway

Posted by on October 29, 2010 at 11:47 AM EST

the apprentice mahsa firedThe Apprentice Season 10 returned last night with Mahsa being fired.

As last week’s episode of The Apprentice ended we saw Kelly get fired and now as the women return from the boardroom to their room they are still sniping at each other. You can tell there is some serious bad blood on their team.

The next day the Donald Trump tells the teams that they will have to produce a short 15 minute backers audition production. This production will be put on to help find potential backers for a Broadway show. They are given a script and music, but have to put the entire presentation and sales pitch together. Steuart steps up as project manger for the men and after some looking around the room Liza volunteers for the women.

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Both teams get their scripts and music and get to work. Stephanie, who was just complaining about being relied on to do too much immediate steps up and wants to play a big role. She says she has studied music on a professional level for 30 years and knows what she is doing. On the men’s side David tells them he has some theater experience, but they guys are wary of him. They wonder if they will get the focused, good David, or David the virus.

The women of The Apprentice start out strong, but soon are picking at each other. Stephanie really seems to know what she is doing with the music, but then Liza sends her and Mash to take care of the printing. Stephanie is pissed.

The guys leave David out of the fold at first, but he then steps up and tells them he doesn’t agree with how they are setting things up. He gives them his ideas and the guys, surprisingly, like it. They let him take over the music and performance aspect of their presentation. They figure if he screws it up too bad he will be fired.

Donald Jr. shows up at the women’s studio and is not impressed that Brandy and Poppy run him through their plan while project manager Liza just sat and listed. Ivanka Trump meets with the men. She is impressed with David, but thinks Steuart should be more involved .

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As Mahsa and Stephanie prepare the printed materials Liza feels they are trying to set her up so that she will get fired. The next day as they prepare to present their show Liza is not happy with the printed materials, but it is too late to do anything now.

The men present their show first. Their actors do a great job, but when Steuart got up to finalize the presentation he stumbles a little. The judges love the show, but think  Steuart didn’t do a very good job of selling it.

The women take a little different approach with some narration and a focus on the music. Their singers/actors also do a great job, but when it comes to the printed materials the judges are no very impressed. The main thing that throws them is that there is no contact information in the materials so any investor that might be interested would have no way to contact them.

The boardroom gets heated quickly as Trump calls out Stephanie for lying to him as to why she didn’t step up as project manager if she has all the musical experience. He commends David on his comeback. The women all turn on Mahsa (as per normal) and in the end it is the lack of contact information that costs the women. The men win.

After the men leave things really heat up. The women are tearing each other apart. They hate Mahsa and Liza and soon even Trump has piled on and is tearing Mahsa apart. He doesn’t like the fact that whenever he asks her a question she slams someone else then turns it into a positive thing about herself. Brandy gets angry and even curses when she tells Trump that Mahsa told Clint how much money the women had earned in the previous challenge before they even went into the boardroom. Mahsa tries to turn it around and says that Clint told her how much the men made. Clint is furious. He and the men go back to the boardroom to defend Clint. In the end the truth comes out and we find out that Mahsa told Clint, but Clint said nothing in return. Trump dresses her down for being disloyal and she fights like a wet cat right up until the end, but it does no good. The last thing Donad Trump wants in The Apprentice is someone who is not going to be loyal to him. Once the truth about her betraying her team in a previous challenge is out he fires her on the spot.



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