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Jon Stewart: I Am The Most Influential Man Of 2010!

Posted by on October 28, 2010 at 10:11 AM EST

jon stewart most influential manJon Stewart is the most influential man of 2010, according to Ask Men.

Ask Men has released their annual poll of the most influential men of the year and this year they have named Jon Stewart 2010’s most influential man. If you get past the snicker and give it a thought, it looks like they might have gotten it correct. Stewart has had a fantastic year. The ratings for his show The Daily Show and The Colbert Report which he is the Executive Producer of are slowly climbing and they seem to get more and more popular and are garnering more and more acclaim as the months go by. Part of that can simply be attributed to it being an election year which is when they shine the brightest, but I think it is more about Stewart and his take no prisoners attitude.  Stewart seems to no longer just be satisfied with making fun of the news, he is now criticizing and attacking those who he feel are deserving of his ire. Add in his upcoming Washington DC rally which many project to be a huge success and you have a guy that is really on a roll.

The rest of the top five are: #5 Soccer coach Jose Mourihno. #4 Steve Jobs. #3 Mark Zuckerberg. #2 Bill Gates. President Obama is ranked #21. You could argue that Jobs, Zuckerberg and Gates all contribute greatly to our culture, but the difference is that Jon Stewart is fighting to change it. Unlike a lot of pundits, Stewart will go after people he likes and call them out when they do things he doesn’t like. He is a big supporter of President Obama, but will not hesitate to call him on his agenda or when he fails to keep a promise.

The irony of all of this is that Jon Stewart has gone from being the guy who hosted the “fake news” to being the person that young people in this country consider as their most trusted source of information. While that might have Edward R Murrow spinning in his grave it is not a very far off idea. Stewart does give the facts of the stories he reports on. He then tears them down to their core and shows why they are good or bad or in most cases why the people behind them are ridiculous. It is a new brand of entertainment in that it gives you information and teaches you things, yet makes you laugh at the same time. Potentially more important is that he shows how important it is to question those in charge and to demand straightforward answers.

While The Daily Show used to be a place that only had a few more obscure guests it has recently seen presidential  candidates, senators, congressional representatives and many authors and journalists. Yes, they still get the stars on the show who are there to promote their movie or music or whatever, but most nights they have on guests that normally only appear on regular news networks, not Comedy Central. President Obama is going to be appearing on the show very soon and he has recently had former president Clinton, as well as John McCain as guests.

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Jon Stewart says he has no interest in running for office. Why should he? Each night he gets on TV he influences millions of younger viewers who are looking to him as the guy who can help make a little sense out of the mad world we live in.  In short, he has more power being the guy who makes fun of our leaders than he would if he were one of our leaders.

Jon Stewart might be comic and he might think that all of the hoopla surrounding him these days is a little funny and misplaced, but when Ask Men says he is more influential to our country than Jobs, Gates or Zuckerberg I have to agree. The reason can be boiled down to one very simple point. Jobs and Gates give us tools and toys to make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Zuckerberg has given us Facebook as a way to communicate with each other. Stewart gives information to a typically younger, educated audience and that audience takes that information and when the time comes around every few years, that audience votes.



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