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“Survivor: Nicaragua” Recap – Jill Is Voted Off By Tribal Council

Posted by on October 28, 2010 at 9:53 AM EST

jill behm survivor nicaraguaSurvivor Nicaragua returned last night and Jill was voted off by the tribal council.

Last week saw some heavy drama unfold at tribal council and somehow Dan survived again. As this week’s new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua starts we see Dan and his fellow Espada tribe-mates getting back to camp. Dan thanks them for not voting him out and then compares himself to John Gotti saying he is the “Teflon Dan.” As La Flor gets back from Tribal, Marty confronts the tribe about voting for him and trying to flush the idol out he gets in Jane’s face telling her that he never did anything shady to her and she shouldn’t be voting for him. He knows he is in trouble and is already politicking to stay around.

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The tribes compete in a reward challenge where the winner will be taken to a farm by horseback. There they will milk a cow and be cooked a fresh farm breakfast. The challenge is a modified version of a water polo. One defender stands on a pedestal in the middle of a pool. The attacker runs to a line, jumps into the pool and throws a ball. They are trying to get the ball past the defender and into the net. The first team to five points wins. After round 1 it is tied 1-1. La Flor takes a lead because Dan sucks so bad he can’t even jump past a line and into a pool. The contest is close and goes back and forth, but eventually Espada wins.

As they take go on the reward trip they all enjoy the horseback ride and have some fun trying to milk the cow. When the food comes they are all so overwhelmed by it that a few people get emotional and shed some tears. The whole tribe of Survivor: Nicaragua seems to have a bonding moment except for NaOnka who thinks it is all scam and everyone is pretending.

Back at La Flor Jane is hard at work fishing. She catches a couple of big fish and decides that she deserves a reward for her hard work so she sneaks back into the woods, builds a fire and cooks one of the fish just for herself.

At the Survivor immunity challenge the teams must use ropes to move and hold various chutes and tubes in place as other members of the tribe drop a cannon ball down the tubes/chutes and have it fly through the air and break the opposing tribes tiles. There are five tiles and it will take some real teamwork and skill to get the chutes lined up just right so the ball gets the correct trajectory to hit the plate. Both teams start decently, but it quickly turns into no contest as Espada wins easily.

After the challenge Jill is worried she will be the next to go and she has good reason to feel that way. The younger alliance plus Jane are set to have three votes for Marty to force him to play the idol and two votes for Jill. They know Marty and Jill will vote for the same person so once Marty plays the idol there will be a tie then all five of them will vote for Jill. Brenda and Sash hatch a plan to get the idol from Marty and then vote him out and Sash puts it in motion. He tells Marty that if Marty gives him the idol he will guarantee him that he will make it through tonight and they will vote off Jill. He then promises to give the idol back to Marty at a later time. Marty knows he is screwed either way so he takes a chance and gives Sash the idol.

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As they go to tribal council it is pretty clear that Marty and Jill know one of them is next. When asked about the idol Marty says he made a decision about it and it may have been stupid, but he had to take a chance. Sash puts the questions to an end by telling Jeff Probst that he has the idol. He claims it is for his alliance, but when pressed by Probst if he would give the idol to Brenda if she wanted it he slips up a little and says that he feels the idol could help him if he lost trust in his alliance. He tried to correct his statement, but the damage was done and it looks like he is a little paranoid. As the votes come down it becomes a three way tie with Marty, Jane and Jill all having two votes. Probst reads the final vote and it is for Jill. She is voted out and Marty’s gamble paid off. He survived the night and he may have caused a crack in Brenda and Sash’s alliance.



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