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“Survivor Nicaragua” Preview: Who Will Survive Tonight?

Posted by on October 27, 2010 at 6:44 PM EST

survivor nicaragua preview episodeSurvivor Nicaragua returns tonight with a brand new episode.

Up until last week it seemed like the mandate on Survivor: Nicaragua was “all the older people first.” The younger players had been split apart, but they seemed to still be sticking together in an effort to get rid of all the older players. Then Jill won immunity at the challenge and threw a wrench into their plan. Eventually, after a tie and some drama, Kelly B was sent home and it was looking like Marty might be starting to win over a few of the younger players.

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This week we will see Jane sneaking behind her tribe-mate’s backs to eat some fish she caught.  NaOnka seems to be feeling better and is back into raving mad bitch mode and the challenge this week is like a hyped up version of water polo. It should be interesting to see, no matter which tribe wins immunity, if the younger players continue their quest to get the older players off, or if Kelly B being sent home was the warning shot to everyone that anyone is now fair game.

Tune in tonight at 8|7c on CBS to watch it all unfold on a new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.



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