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“Glee” Season 2 Recap: A Tribute To The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Posted by on October 27, 2010 at 5:56 PM EST

the rocky horror glee show recapLast night’s episode of Glee Season 2 paid tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This week’s episode of Glee was the much anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. It ended up being less of a tribute episode (like the recent Britney Spears episode) and more of an actual story formed around the legendary musical.

As Will’s (Matthew Morrison) direction of the Glee club version of Rocky Horror Picture Show is interrupted by an angry Carl, he finds himself wondering how this all came about.

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Flash back to just a few weeks earlier when Will sits down with Emma (Jayma Mays) at lunch and finds her eating a sandwich with crust on the bread. He points this out to her and she suddenly realizes it herself. She then tells him that she and Carl (John Stamos) went to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at a dirty, dingy dive of a theater. Somewhere she would never normally go. Will, suddenly realizing that Carl is winning the struggle for Emma and making her a better person, counters and tells her the he is going to have the glee club do Rocky Horror for the school musical. She has her doubts that he can pull it off.

When Will approaches the Glee cast with his idea he is met with skepticism, but they are quickly won over. As Rachel (Lea Michele) explains a scene to Finn (Cory Monteith) and tells him they have to strip down to their underwear, he admits to her that he is not comfortable with his body.

After a bold, fear-filled segment of Sue’s Corner on the local news, Sue is approached by a couple of cable news producers (Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick). They tell her that they want her to do an expose on the filth of the Rocky Horror show and she seems very pleased to do it. She confronts Will and to his surprise she doesn’t want to shut him down, but she wants to join the cast.

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Finn, fretting over his body, hits the gym to get in shape and finds out how hard it is to get hot. Meanwhile, Will talks Emma into coming on board as the costume designer. After losing a student whose parents won’t sign the permission slip, Sue sees Carl and Emma talking about Rocky Horror. She suggests he join the show as the new Eddie. He tears up the audition and is the new Eddie. Mercedes (Amber Riley) volunteers to be Frankefurter and the cast is complete.

Will, threatened by Carl tells Emma that he is worried that some of the rolls are a little too risque for students so he steps up to play Rocky and wants Emma to help teach him the songs. They have a sexy rehearsal and Will is feeling good about himself.

Finn gets himself suspended when he walks down the hall in his underwear to get comfortable in his costume. Will fights for him and ends up getting him off with just a warning.

This brings us to the start where Carl rushes the stage and is angry with Will for trying to move in and make a play for Emma. Afterward Will is working on his script for the show and finds out about Sue’s real motivation for being involved in the show.  He confronts her and as she makes her case he actually agrees with her that kids shouldn’t be subjected to material like and that he is doing the show for the wrong reasons so he decides to pull the show. He and Emma talk and he tells her that if he really loves her he has to let her go and give her room to grow away from him. He then apologizes to the Glee cast. He tells them that they will still do the show, but for themselves, not for an audience.

As the episode comes to an end the full production of Rocky Horror Picture Show hits the stage and Will gives them a standing ovation.



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