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“Dancing With The Stars” Recap: Audrina Patridge Heads For The Hills

Posted by on October 27, 2010 at 10:52 AM EST

audrina patridge voted off dwtsIn an amazing upset,  Audrina Patridge was sent home last night on Dancing With The Stars.

This week the Dancing With The Stars results show brought us another surprise. My prediction was that it would be Kyle Massey that would get voted off. I felt that his lower score and the fact that the last couple of weeks he has seemed to be falling behind the pack would ultimately hurt him and cause him to be voted out. Once again, I was wrong.

Kurt Warner was the dancer that got the lowest score this week, but I felt that he had enough fans to pull him through this week. The NFL is probably the only sport in America that has a very large female fan base. There are women who like all the major sports, but there are a lot of women that like football. NFL players have almost always done well on the show and Kurt is such a generally good guy that I expected him to do well this season. That good will and fan base carried him through this rough week.

The Dancing With The Stars results show, as always, featured other entertainment. This week there were live performances by Heart and Kylie Monogue. Heart performed one of their biggest hits “Barracuda” and even though they are getting up their in age the still sound good. Kylie Monogue did was she does which is sound pretty good and look fantastic.

One by one the dancers were announced to be safe. When Kyle was announced as safe (and Bristol had been announced as safe earlier on) you knew we were in for a little bit of shock. The final two dancers left in danger were Audrina Patridge and Jennifer Grey. Either one of them going home is a surprise, but if it were Jennifer Grey it would be one of the biggest shocks in DWTS history. But alas, that shock wouldn’t happen when Jennifer was announced as safe and Audrina was sent packing.

Looking back on it, I said early on that her main problem might be connecting with fans who have no idea who she is. The Hills was a popular show on MTV, but that still means that most of the nation has no idea who you are. Add in that the hot girls on DWTS almost always get voted out somewhat early and it reinforces my theory that women won’t vote for other women, especially if they are hot. There is an exception to that rule. If a woman can connect with that woman on some level she may vote for her. This goes for all platforms, not just DWTS. It is the same in politics. You can look at Sarah Palin’s core base of supporters and see if for yourself. 90% of her supporters are either moms who connect with her as a mom who says what she believes and defends her family or middle aged, upper middle class white guys who think she is hot and are crushing on her. Jennifer Grey connects with women who have gone through a lot and who grew up watching her dance with Patrick Swayze. Brandy is good looking, but she is also very famous so she is going to have a large fan base. The reality that Audrina Patridge is hot, unmarried and successful was most likely eventually going to work against her. It just happened a little sooner than I thought it would.



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