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Lady Gaga: Over 1 Billion Served On YouTube!

Posted by on October 26, 2010 at 8:09 PM EST

lady gaga billion youtubeLady Gaga has surpassed the 1 billion views mark with her music videos on YouTube.

Lady Gaga‘s domination of the music industry continues. This last year has seen her have two albums in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 at the same time. She cleaned up at the MTV Music Video Awards when she won the most awards ever by an artists in one year. She has had sold out concerts around the globe and held a political rally that got the attention of the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Most recently Forbes listed her as the 7th most powerful woman in the world ranking her just below Hilary Clinton, but several spots above Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She is the most followed person on Twitter and even Bruce Willis mentioned her when he followed her lead and wore a raw meat hairpiece on Letterman (a nod to Gaga’s raw meat dress at the VMAs). You might say she has had a pretty good year.

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Today it got better when it was announced that her videos have now surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube. She is the first artists to reach 1 billion views. Justin Bieber is right behind her and will most likely be the second. For a while they were neck-in-neck and it was a question as to which artist would make it there first, but Gaga eventually crushed him in her wake.

While YouTube views doesn’t always equate to success and record sales it can help an artist in other ways. Take for example the case of the band Ok Go. They have had several music videos that have gone viral and gotten them millions of views, yet the band itself has admitted they have had trouble selling records. People love watching the videos, but that doesn’t mean they will run right out and buy the album. However, it does seem to have helped Ok Go on the road as they play to larger and larger crowds.

Lady Gaga may be in the same boat. While she has sold a ton of records over the past year the popularity of her videos don’t seem to greatly affect her record sales. As she releases new videos that become popular there isn’t always a spike in record sales to go along with it. However, those views do add to an artist’s popularity and that can help them cash in in other ways. Virgin Mobile is now using Lady Gaga’s song “Alejandro” in a commercial and they have signed a large marketing deal with her. Her videos also have product placements in them that help her earn money. There is likely much more of this to come.

As we move forward in the development of media artists may now start using their number of YouTube views as a negotiating tool when they sign sponsor and endorsement deals. The popular videos may not have a huge affect on record sales, but they could help those artists cash in with advertisers because they can guarantee that eyeballs will see their product or service.

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It seems that the days of the hard working band that tours to build up an audience then works hard to make good records is gone. These days artists are multimedia moguls who talk in terms of views, tweets and Facebook friends. It is a brave new world and right now Lady Gaga owns it.



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