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Bristol Palin: From Monkey Suit To “Dancing With The Stars” Winner

Posted by on October 26, 2010 at 8:33 PM EST

bristol palin dwts winnerBristol Palin finally found herself amongst the winners on Dancing With The Stars.

This week on Dancing With The Stars it was rock week and there were some clear-cut winners and losers. This recap will cover those dancers that did very well and impressed the judges. They are this week’s DWTS winners.

First up is Brandy. This was her week. She had a very emotional week of rehearsals. She admitted that doing well in this competition means everything to her and she wants it badly. Rehearsals were so intense that at one point she left, broke down and cried but Maksim helped her through it and she seemed more focused and ready to get after it once the emotion was out. She put that focus into her tango and tore it up. The dance was intense, emotional and fantastic. It brought the house down and left both Maks and Brandy breathless. The judges were floored by her performance. She got a 26, the highest score of the night. Later in the dance marathon she would outlast the other six teams and win that as well adding 10 more points to her score for a total of 36. Brandy‘s dancing this week made the statement that she is here to win and will be one tough competitor to beat.

The second winner of the week was Kyle Massey. After being second to last in the scores last week he found a new focus during rehearsals. He was so into it he actually filmed his partner Lacey Schwimmer doing the steps so he could take them home and practice at home. He wanted to improve on the technical aspects of the dance. He and Lacey did a solid, high-energy tango that had his trademark fun and flair. The crowd went crazy and the judges really liked him. They loved how he is finally taking their advice and working on the technical aspects of the dance while trying to keep the fun. He got a 23, a marked improvement over last week.

My third winner of the week on DWTS was Bristol Palin. Yes, you read that correctly. I, and I think most of the country, was sure she would be sent home last week, but when she survived it seemed to have lit a fire in her. She admitted to her partner Mark Ballas that she hasn’t been going all out in rehearsals. He really wanted her to focus and he had her help decide how to put some fun stuff in their dance. They danced a tango that was very nice. They threw in a little air guitar for rock week and Bristol seemed to have it down. She danced well, didn’t miss any major steps and was in synch with her partner. She got a 23, the highest score she has gotten on the show to date.

The scoring was all so close together this week that really nobody can feel safe (especially after Florence was blindsided last week) so just because Bristol and Kyle improved greatly this week it doesn’t mean they will be safe, but both of them took a big step forward and showed they have what it takes to do a good dance. Meanwhile, Brandy seemed to separate herself form the pack. She and Maks seem to be hitting on all cylinders and peaking right at the perfect time. With Bristol and Kyle getting better this week and Jennifer Grey not doing very well, DWTS got much more interesting.



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