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Dennis Rodman Owes Ex-Wife $300k In Child Support

Posted by on June 11, 2010 at 6:36 PM EST

dennis rodmanDennis Rodman’s ex-wife claims that he owes her $300,000 in child support.

It seems that Michelle Moyer is throwing a fit over child support that Dennis Rodman never paid for his two kids. The sum Rodman owes is not a small chunk of change either, we are talking $300k and change!

According to documents filed by Michelle in the Orange Country Superior Court, Rodman owes $305,244.67 in back child-support for the two kids he has with Michelle.

While Rodman was initially set to pay his ex-wife $50,000 a month and an additional $1000 a month for spousal support, he quickly fell behind. I can see how one would fall behind on a $50,000 a month child support bill. At least we know the ex-wife of NBA Superstar Dennis Rodman is living large, even if Dennis isn’t.

Rodman, who made his career as a professional basketball player in the NBA has had his fair share of twists and turns. From his wacky colored hair when he was on the court to his occasional cross-dressing lifestyle, Rodman is one unique character. He even wore a dress to the wedding in which him and Carmen Electra got hitched.

Recently, Rodman appeared on the hit reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice” where he showed the television viewers how much he loved to drink. Not long after being voted off, Rodman now faces these child support allegations.

A rep for Dennis Rodman told TMZ: “Rodman has already made several child support payments “and we intend on clearing up any discrepancy in that regard.”



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