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DWTS: Week 6 Preview and Predictions

Posted by on October 26, 2010 at 2:52 PM EST

dwts week 6 predictionsOur preview and predictions of what is going to happen tonight on the DWTS week 6 live results show.

Tonight’s results show could provide the second shocking elimination of Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars. Up until last week things had gone pretty much as most people expected them. The bad dancers were slowly eliminated as the good dancers jockeyed for position among the upper ranks. Going into last week’s elimination show Bristol Palin had the worst score of the week followed closely by Kyle Massey. I, like most people, thought it would be either Bristol or Kyle that went home. Personally, I was almost certain it would be Bristol. She even seemed resigned to that fact. In a shock, both of them survived and Florence Henderson was voted out. Will we see another shock like that tonight?

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As with all the DWTS results show they have 60 minutes to fill and only about 10 minutes of actual content so they will break out plenty of filler and commercials. Among this week’s filler are live performances by Kylie Minogue and Heart. Both make sense. Heart has a connection to this week’s show since it was rock week and Kylie has a hot new record out. There will also be a performance by Macy’s Stars of Dance.  It will be nice to hear a rock song actually performed by the original artists after all of the terrible versions of songs from the night before.

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Once the filler is done and we get to hear Heart sing and gawk and Kylie’s great looks it will be time to get down to business. I think clearly Brandy is safe. I also think Audrina and Rick are safe. I don’t think Jennifer will be voted out. She had a bad week, but she has been very good all season up until now. Dare I say it, but I think Bristol will be safe as well. For me it will come down to Kyle and Kurt and I think it might be Kyle’s time. Kurt seems to take a step forward one week then a step back the next, but I think this week, with the lowest score of the week, he will need some help. I think this is where the NFL fans show up and rescue him and Kyle Massey‘s high-energy boat finally runs out of steam and he will be eliminated.



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