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Selena Gomez: The Story Behind Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Lyrics

Posted by on October 26, 2010 at 12:46 PM EST

selena gomez taylor swift lyricsTaylor Swift hit the ground running yesterday with her latest album release, Speak Now, and it’s reportedly full of gossip.

Speak Now is rooted in personal expression, so it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift’s 3rd release holds clues the starlet’s personal endeavors in life, love, and the pursuit.

Taylor got on her jousting horse for a long-awaited return jab at rapper Kanye West with the track Innocent. Last year’s MTV VMA debacle finally came to a close – on Taylor’s terms. It seems Swift has forgiven West, but not without taking a vague dig at his nonsensical outburst during what should’ve been Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

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And Kanye isn’t the only celebrity speculated to be a callous subject of a Speak Now track. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift’s BFF admittedly knows the story behind Speak Now’s 5th track, Dear John…as do scores of speculating “journalists” cashing in on keywords. John Mayer is long known as a Hollywood player, and Swift paints her John as a cradle-robbing creep who toyed with her fragility.

In addition to an all-string track, Taylor Swift’s Speak Now brings another first for the young singer: an apology. Her famed relationship with Taylor Lautner apparently ended badly, or sadly, at the very least. In Back to December she issues an if-I-could-back-and-do-it-over mea culpa. Shame generally looks awful on people, but like pretty much everything she does, even when she’s sorry Taylor Swift looks smashing and classy.

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Perhaps my fave Taylor Swift callout though is her bitter ode to a naughty miss, supposedly to be Camilla Belle, the rumored cause behind Swift’s breakup with Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.  She holds no punches. In Speak Now’s 10th track Better Than Revenge, Swift proves catty, immature and unsympathetic, and yet with every word, we love Taylor more.

Taylor’s polarizing balance is perhaps the greatest of her appeal. Plus we love anyone willing to kiss and tell.



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