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“DWTS” Recap: Brandy Rocks Top Spot For Week 6

Posted by on October 26, 2010 at 11:21 AM EST

brandy rocks dwts week 6Brandy rocked the top spot once again on DWTS week 6 last night.

It was rock week on Dancing With The Stars so all the dancers would need to give their dances that rock n’ roll edge and flare infused with plenty of energy if they wanted to impress the judges. This was also a special night were each team would perform two dances. Going into it they made it sound like each team would do two actual solo dances, but it turned out to be different. Each team would dance their normal dance then at the end of the show all the teams would come back out for a dance marathon and one by one be eliminated until one team was left dancing.

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There was no surprise in that most of the contestants felt enormous pressure as they tried to prepare for two dances. There was plenty of emotion and struggling during the rehearsals this week. As the dancing got underway I actually found the music to be a distraction this week. Many of the teams danced to well know rock songs, only they were performed by the in house band so they were like light karaoke versions of the songs.

There were a few surprises this week. The first shock of the night was Bristol Palin. She danced a tango and did a good job of it. I don’t mean a good job for Bristol, an actual good job. The next shock of last night’s DWTS episode was the crumbling of Jennifer Grey. Her dance started strong, but fell apart. It was all over the place and a catastrophe. She got the second lowest score of the night behind only Kurt Warner. Speaking of Kurt, after his step forward last week, he took a step back. Kyle Massey was another surprise as he worked hard on the technical aspects of the dance. Brandy flat out blew the judges away. It is not a shock that she did well, but she really took it to a new level.

Rick Fox and Audrina Patridge held there own. They did good and got good scores but were not overwhelming.

After all the dancers finished up they changed clothes and hit the dance floor together for a 50’s era inspired DWTS marathon dance. With poodle skirts and saddle shoes flying the teams started dancing. One by one the judges eliminated teams. The longer you lasted the more points you got to add to your total score for the week. Kurt was the first one out and got 4 points added to his score. Next to go was Bristol who got 5 points. Following her was Rick who got an extra 6 points. Kyle was next and got an extra 7 points. Audrina was voted out after Kyle and got an extra 8 points. Jennifer was second to last and got 9 points and Brandy won giving her an extra 10 points.

Last night’s Dancing With The Stars belonged to Brandy. She got the highest score of the night and won the marathon. She announced herself as someone who will be very hard to beat in this competition.



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