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Russell Crowe Dies: Death Rumors Spread Like Wildfire

Posted by on June 10, 2010 at 7:24 PM EST

russell croweRussell Crowe dies at age 46, rumors of actor’s death spread like wildfire.

Australian actor Russell Crowe is rumored to be dead after falling 50 feet from a mountain while shooting in Kitzbühel, Austria. A South Florida radio host was the first to announce on air that the 46-year-old actor had in fact died.

Hopefully whatever radio show host decided to spout off these rumors is no longer employed, as the statement he made had no proof to back it whatsoever. Whether it be a publicity stunt on the radio stations behalf or just the sheer stupidity of the host who actually believed that Russell Crowe was in some freak accident where he fell to his death, is beyond me.

Representatives of Russell Crowe are already stating that the rumor of his death is just that, a rumor. The Australian actor is still very much alive and well and did not fall to his death from the side of a mountain.

Of course before Crowe’s representatives could make a statement, the news of his death had already began to spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. In today’s day and age all it takes is one person to mouth off nonsense rumors and within minutes the whole entire world is talking about it.

The South Florida radio show host is hopefully being punished for his alleged rumors and I hope that Crowe himself takes some sort of action.

Once again let me reiterate, Russell Crowe is not dead. The rumors of him falling off a mountain to his death are completely false and were most likely a publicity stunt set forth to boost a crappy radio stations rating.



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