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The Ladies Of “DWTS” Prepare To Rock Out!

Posted by on October 25, 2010 at 7:53 PM EST

dwts final four womenThe ladies of DWTS prepare to rock out during week 6.

This has been the year of the women on Dancing With The Stars. The girls really seem to have taken the show over and are all but running the place. There are four women left and in my opinion three of them have legitimate shots at winning it all. Here is a preview of the women left that will be performing tonight.

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Bristol Plain is probably the only female dancer left that doesn’t have much of a chance at winning it all.  I say that now, but last week I was certain she would be voted off and so far each week she somehow survives and lives to dance another week. She is like a that one fly that buzzes around your head that you just can’t swat. Clearly (based on last weeks scores and Florence Henderson being voted out) she, with some help from her mom, has a pretty big fan base that can generate some votes (either that or there is some serious conspiracies happening here) so it may mean that she can keep dancing poorly and not get voted out.  Each week her dances are surreal and often odd to watch, it will be interesting to see what she does with rock week.

Brandy started this season of DWTS as one of the favorites and in the early weeks she showed us all why. Then she seemed to get a little off track. There was some drama with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy where they butted head and had communication issues. It seemed like he was treating her badly and she hated him. During those weeks her dances suffered, but over the last couple of weeks she seems to have repaired her relationship with him and her dancing has recovered. For as young as Brandy is she has been in show business for a long time. She knows how to work with difficult people and she knows how to suck it up and get the job done. I look for her to continue to improve and possibly one of the final dancers left.

Audrina Patridge is in an interesting position on the show. She has worked her ass off to get the technical aspects of the dances down and the judges seem to really appreciate her efforts, but they have come at the cost of her showing her personality in the dancing. To me this could mean one of two things. Either she is trying so hard to focus on the dance that she can’t relax, smile and have a good time or . . . this may sound mean . . . maybe she just doesn’t have that great of a personality. She seems like a nice girl, but she seems a little bland at times. I have a feeling it is just because she is so far out of her element and she wants to prove she can do it. MTV thinks enough of her personality to give Audrina her own reality show so there must be something there. She has the looks, she has the ability and I think if she loosens up she can be around until the end. This week with the rock songs it would be a perfect time for her to just let her hair down and have a good time.

Jennifer Grey has been the odds on favorite to win Dancing With The Stars since the cast was announced and so far she has pretty much done everything she can to prove the odds makers correct. She has had some stellar dances and seems to impress the judges and the audience week in and week out.  She has fought hard to be here and seems to be hell bent on making the most of it. While she has had some drama with her partner Derek Hough they seem to be able to get through it and she has even said that the way the drama was edited made it look worse than it really was. I feel like she will shine again this week with the rock songs and the fast paced dances that come with them. Baring injury or illness I don’t think there is much standing in the way from Jennifer Grey being one of the last dancers standing this year.

While the odds are in the favor of a woman winning DWTS this season, it isn’t a given. As we saw last week when Florence was voted out anything can happen on any given week. That said, it won’t shock me if the final four dancers are made up of three women and one guy.



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