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Bottom Of The “Dancing With The Stars” Barrel

Posted by on October 25, 2010 at 6:56 PM EST

bristol palin dwts bottomA look at the contestants of DWTS who must improve to avoid going home.

Last week on Dancing With The Stars I was thrown for a loop. I’ve gotten fairly good at predicting who will be voted out, but last week I – like most people – was blindsided when Florence Henderson was voted out even though both Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey scored less than she did. There are a million theories running around the internet as to why she was voted out including everything from her not really having that many voters because a lot of younger voters don’t know the Brady Bunch so they don’t really know who she is to many voters being turned off when she had Barry Williams stop by her rehearsal so she could dance and flirt with him. She made the suggestion that she may have had an affair with him in the past and that might have grossed some people out.

When I digest it I think this is what happened: Bristol, along with her mom, now seem to have two things going for them. I say them because I see them as a team on the show. First off, they have access to a lot of conservative families (people that may watch DWTS) and they can influence those votes. These are people who will back Bristol and her so-called conservative dances and outfits. I also think there is a contingent of people out there who are amused by her and they vote for her because they like to see her making the show look bad. A few seasons back on American Idol a website started a “vote for the worst” campaign. They picked a singer (the guy was named Sanjaya and he was a terrible singer) and every week they voted for him. It caught on and pretty soon even the likes of Howard Stern were encouraging people to vote Sanjaya. It worked. He stuck around for a long time and the show looked bad having to cast off good singers in order to keep Sanjaya. Maybe we are seeing something similar happening here with Dancing With The Stars and Bristol.

That said, from a dancing only standpoint it is clear that Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey are the two who are going to be in the most danger going into this week. Bristol, frankly, is just bad. She seems to miss a lot of steps, her face is as blank as a stonewall and she seems like she is always a step out of synch. Kyle has the steps down and is in time with her partner, but he lacks any ability on the technical side of the dancing. The last few weeks the judges have told him they like him, he is full of energy and charisma, but he needs to get the technical stuff down even if that means slowing it down a step and pulling back on the energy level. It seems (based on his dancing and on the rehearsal footage) that he doesn’t have a lot of interest in that.

We are getting into crunch time on DWTS and both of these dancers will most likely find themselves in jeopardy unless they make some big strides towards improving. To me the cream is rising to the top as we see dancers like Brandy, Jennifer Grey and Rick Fox starting to pull away from the pack. If Bristol and Kyle don’t want to fall out of the pack and off the show they better bring it this week.

But then again, how funny would it be to see Bristol Palin win Dancing With The Stars?



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