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Dancing With The Stars: Three Men And A Dance Floor

Posted by on October 25, 2010 at 3:59 PM EST

dwts final three menThe 2010 Dancing With The Stars competition is down to three male contestants.

We are down to three men left on Dancing With The Stars and in my opinion Rick Fox still stands the best chance of being the guy that wins it all.

Kurt Warner has had his ups and downs so far this season. He started off awkwardly, but then took a step forward only to fall back a step. Last week he returned to form and impressed the judges once again. To me it seems like Kurt has his good dances and his bad dances. He almost seems more comfortable when he does something upbeat and fast because it lets him use his natural athleticism. When he has to slow it down and be subtler or even romantic or delicate he seems to struggle some. Being rock week I would look for him to probably try to stay more towards the upbeat dances that will suit him nicely. To me he is not quite among the top level of dancers, but if he strings together a few good weeks he could be.

Kyle Massey started off this season of Dancing With The Stars as a ball of fire. He erupted on the stage with his partner Lacey Schwimmer and together they wowed the crowd and the judges. Since then he has kept the energy level up and seems to really be having a great time, but he has failed completely at grasping the technical aspects of the dancing.  I feel that his lack of technical ability will eventually catch up to him. I also think that of the remaining dancers he might have one of the smaller fan bases so the voters may not be able to save him. Kyle has the ability and I think if he focuses he could continue to move forward, but I think his desire to learn those aspects of the dances just isn’t there.

As I said above I feel that Rick Fox has the best chance out of the men to win the title and so far has done nothing but prove that point. He has had some great dances and only seems to be getting better each week. He and his partner Cheryl Burke have worked with the height difference masterfully and even put it to good use in some of the dances. He has a large fan base and has all the physical tools to learn the dances fast and perform them well. I can’t see any reason why he can’t be one of the final 3 or 4 contestants left on the show and when it gets down to that few dancers it can become anyone’s game.

As the weeks have gone by on Dancing With The Stars we have seen the men dropping like flies. I think Kyle will most likely be the next guy to go. If Kurt can kick it up a little bit and keep it there he could stick around, but I have a feeling he will eventually get voted off as well. If Rick Fox wins the show I won’t be shocked, but it won’t be an easy task because there are some very good women on DWTS this season.



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