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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Lumen’s First Blood

Posted by on October 25, 2010 at 11:15 AM EST

dexter first blood recapDexter Season 5 returned with First Blood and here is a recap of what went down.

This week’s episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “First Blood” starts off with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) playing with Harrison at a group play session with other kids Harrison’s age. Dexter wonders if Harrison really can be okay after having seen his mom killed. As the play session ends Dexter overhears a mom saying that Harrison scratched her son on the face (the same place Dexter cuts all his victims). Dexter is amused that Harrison already cleaned his fingernails and got rid of any evidence.

Dexter then goes to meet Lumen (Julia Stiles). She wants him to help her find and kill the guys that held her, raped her and were going to kill her. Dexter warns her that doing this will open up a part of her that she doesn’t want to see. He gives her plane ticket home that he got for her and encourages her to use it.

At Quinn’s (Desmond Harrington) place he and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) have an argument, as she gets dressed. She is pissed that he is taking time off right in the middle of an investigation. He tells her that Laguerta (Lauren Velez) is making him take the time off because he has too many days saved up (of course the truth is that he got busted trying to contact the Mitchell family). Debra meets Batista (David Zayas) at the hospital where they interview the kid that was slashed by Fuentes (Joseph Julian Soria) during their raid on the apartment. The kid tells them that he as seen Fuentes around the neighborhood and that he has a tattoo on his hand. He draws the tattoo that looks like an eye with legs. Batista thinks it is a UFO.

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Dexter returns to work and is overloaded with cases, but as he works on them he also uses the computer to search for Boyd Fowler’s (Shawn Hatosy) accomplices.

Deb and Batista talk to Masuka (C.S. Lee) about the symbol. He shows them his full back tattoo (something neither of them were expecting) and suggests a tattoo artist they can talk about to find out about it.

Dexter takes a break from work to go to Boyd’s house. When he gets there he sees that someone else has already broken in and ransacked the place. This person was clearly looking for the same info Dex is. He does find a bloody fingerprint on an envelope. He takes it and the letter inside it with him. He then travels to Lumen’s hotel. When she doesn’t answer he breaks in and sees the wall of the hotel room covered in pictures and news stories about rape and murder. She has evidence tacked up on the wall and is clearly obsessed with getting Boyd’s friends and taking them out.

Dexter runs the fingerprint he found and finds it belongs to Lumen. He meets with her and begs her not to do this, but she is hell bent on getting even.

Masuka takes Deb to the tattoo parlor where they meet the artists Masuka had suggested. She tells them the picture is an eye, but it isn’t something she has done or seen around. She seems to really like Debra and suggest she come back and get some ink.

That afternoon Dexter does some research and learns the identity and location of one of Boyd’s friends, Robert Brunner (Chris Payne Gilbert). He learns that Brunner is a sex offender and he is living in a tent under a bridge in a homeless community. Dexter goes there and talks to him, but the talk doesn’t last long. He drugs him, takes him to the original kill room meant for Boyd and prepares to kill him. As the ghost of his dad pleads with him to stop Dexter doesn’t listen. He cuts the guys pants open and sees an ankle bracelet and realized that Brunner is being monitored. He couldn’t have been at Boyd’s place or the bracelet would have gone off.

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After dropping Brunner off Dexter goes home and catches Quinn and Debra sitting together on the couch. They have an awkward exchange and Quinn leaves. After he is gone Debra admits that she and Quinn are fuck buddies. Dex isn’t happy and tells her he doesn’t want Quinn there while Harrison is in the house.

Batista has been snooping around and is getting suspicious about his wife Laguerta’s activities with the internal affairs officer.

The next day Lumen goes to the homeless camp under the bridge. She finds Brunner and is about to shoot him when Dexter stops her. He explains to her about the bracelet and that Brunner couldn’t have been one of the guys that attacked her. He tells her that if she doesn’t go home, she’s just going to feel worse, not better. She breaks down and finally agrees to go back to Minnesota where her family is.

Debra and the officer that is helping them Mendoza (Sophia Santi) go to a house to talk to a potential witness and find them dead. It turns out they have been dead for a while and might be one of Fuentes’ first victims. While at the scene Debra finds a poster for a club that has the picture of the eye they are looking for on it. It turns out it isn’t a tattoo, but a stamp for that club.

That night Batista follows Laguerta to a hotel. He sees her through the window getting dressed with the internal affairs cop sitting on the bed. He bursts in and is about to kick some ass when she tells him it was a stake out. She was helping IA bust a cop who has been stealing and selling drugs. They got lucky because they just took the cop into custody before Batista broke in. She then tells him she did it so that IA would stop the investigation into his beating up another officer.

Dexter takes Lumen to the airport. He tells her his full real name and she thanks him for what he has done for her. As she goes through security she sets off the metal detector and has to be hand searched. As the female security guard’s hands run all over her body she nearly freaks out just from being touched and barely holds it together. She is so damaged by all this she can barely function.

Debra calls Quinn to tell him about the break in the case. Now they can just stake out the club and wait for Fuentes to show up. He offers to grill some steaks and a have a few beers to celebrate. He is sitting in a bar next to the cop that got busted in Laguerta’s undercover sting. He is pissed and vows to fight it. Quinn tells him that if he needs any extra cash to fight, he will hire him to check up on a guy. When the cop agrees Quinn tells him he is looking into Dexter Morgan.

Dexter is back playing with Harrison at the group play session. As the session ends he overhears a couple of women talking about Harrison. Dexter walks up to them and tells them that his son is just fine and that nothing is wrong with him. He takes Harrison to the car, puts him in his car seat and has he leans in to kiss him, Harrison reaches up and scratches his face . . . right on that magical spot on the cheek.

The episode ends with Lumen (Julia Stiles) coming out of the airport and getting into a cab. Once she is seated the driver turns around to her and says, “Welcome to Miami.”

Tune in next Sunday night as Dexter Season 5 returns with Episode 6 “Everything is Illumenated” at 9|8c on Showtime.



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