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Is Kendra Leaving Hank Baskett?

Posted by on October 23, 2010 at 2:48 PM EST

hank baskett leaving kendraIs Kendra leaving her husband Hank Baskett?

There are more woman problems brewing in Minnesota. The details are still coming in regarding whether or not Brett Favre emailed pictures of his penis to NY Jet’s employee Jenn Sterger and now it looks like Hank Baskett‘s wife Kendra Wilkinson is unhappy and leaving him.

To catch you up on the Hank/Kendra drama, here is a short recap. Hank (an NFL wide receiver)  has played for three different teams in the last few years including the Minnesota Vikings then Colts then Eagles. The Eagles didn’t bring him back this season so Basket found himself without a team. In a way it almost seemed as if it made Kendra happy. Kendra, a former Playboy Playmate and star of the reality show The Girls Next Door, has had her own reality show titled Kendra for the last few years. Now she was free to stay in LA, shoot her show and be home with her husband and very young son. When the Vikings got decimated by injury at the wide receiver position they reached out to Baskett and signed him. He is familiar with their offense and could give them a veteran guy to fill in while they get healthy. The problem was that Kendra couldn’t go with him because she had commitments in place to shoot her show in the LA area. He was happy to be playing again, but it was said that she was very upset at being apart from him.

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So Kendra Wilkinson took action. She went to major lengths to move the shooting of her show to Minnesota so she could be with Hank.  This took some time and effort because they needed to get permits as well as handle all the logistical issues that come with suddenly picking up a show and moving it to another city half way across the country. Now, just a few weeks later Kendra is moving herself, her son and the show back to LA.

Rumor has it that she is tired of living in a different city every year. Her life, her friends and her job is in the LA area. Hank Baskett seems to move from team to team every year and she doesn’t want that kind of instability for her son. A source close to the couple says they have been fighting a lot. He wants her there with him and she wants to live in LA. The source says that Kendra feels it is not her fault that Hank can’t stay with any team longer than one season and that she needs to stay in LA to focus on her career. She wants to be a big star and can’t do that in Minnesota (or pretty much anywhere but LA or NY).

There have been rumors that the two have had a shaky relationship since the release of her sex tape earlier this year. At first she claimed to be fighting it and threatened to sue, but then she sold her story to every magazine that would buy it, settled with Vivid Entertainment (the company releasing the tap) for around $680, 000 plus a percentage of the profits and then did a bunch of interviews about how painful it was having the tape out. Of course all of that is BS. She had to sign the legal papers proving that she was 18 years old when the movie was shot in order for them to release the tape so they never could have released it without her approval. She wanted to cash in and used the opportunity to make money while trying to look sympathetic.

Having your wife’s sex tape all over the internet can’t be pleasant and reportedly it strained their marriage. Then a few months later Hank Baskett moves to Minnesota and things are not looking good. There is no word on if the couple is talking about divorce or not. If there is a bright side for the Vikings it is that, as far as I can tell, Favre’s penis is nowhere near this particular drama.



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