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Erin Andrews: Peephole Video Drama Continues

Posted by on October 22, 2010 at 7:39 PM EST

erin andrews peephole videoErin Andrews’ backside is back in headlines.

Erin Andrews sent a fiery letter via lawyer to gossip blog The Dirty after she claims she was still able to find images from the infamous (illegal) peepshow video shot of the ESPN reporter last year. We know everyone Googles themselves now and then, but we really feel for Andrews on this one.

In a wildfire-like gossip storm last year, Erin Andrews went from being a lesser known sideline reporter to headline news. And it wasn’t the good kind. Andrews was humiliated at the hand of a creepy stalker who unscrewed her hotel room peephole, and videotaped Miss Andrews’ slender blonde frame for all the world to see. The video went viral and the creepo subsequently was sentenced to 30 months in jail.

Erin Andrews’ nightmare resurfaced this week, and despite a cease-and-desist letter from her lawyers, TMZ reports, online gossip mag The Dirty is refusing to take down the photos.

Andrews’ letter demands the site remove all the stills from their online publication, and furthermore remove them from all search engines, and threatens a lawsuit if they choose not to cooperate. To date, The Dirty has laughed in the faces of both the law and Erin, not only not removing the photos, but the pleasant guy who runs the trashy rumor mill actually popped them up to the top. Hooman Karamaian seems unfazed by the threats, and goes on to taunt Andrews and lawyers. “Erin Andrews, can you ask your lawyers if this is the post they want me to take down because I am confused?” he wrote.

Hopefully, Hooman McJerkface gets what’s coming to him. And before you go all kettle and pot on me, let me just say: Here at Robot Celeb, we only believe in discussing the trashy stories. Publishing illegal photos is a low we won’t even stoop to. Good luck, Erin.



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